December 30, 2012

Review: Covergirl Lip Perfection (The CVS Clearanced)

Okay so I thought that somebody out there would appreciate swatches of some of the Covergirl Lip Perfections together while seeing them at the CVS clearance that's going on. I know I would have. I was looking up swatches on my phone like crazy trying to decide if it was a good color. So this will be mainly up for the swatches and I may add more because I think I want at least 2 more lipsticks.

Product Range Name: Cover Girl Lip Perfection lipcolor
Shade Name(s): Smolder, Impassion, Entrall, Fervor
Retail Price: $7-8
Amount: 3.5 g/12 oz.
Available Color(s): 44 shades according to the CG website
What is it? Lipstick
Where to get it? Anywhere that sells Covergirl

(Natural lighting)
L-R: Smolder, Impassion, Entrall, Fervor


Smolder: My-lips-but-better type of nude with a tinge of brown to it that has a creme finish
Impassion: Bright shimmery slightly burnt orange. Despite its appearance it's not too incredibly shocking too wear.
Entrall: Bright shimmery red. A bit too bright red for my tastes so I have yet to wear it out.
Fervor: Rosy Mauve with a creme finish. Dries down to a satiny almost matte finish as seen above.

I must say these lipsticks are phenomenal. They're pigmented, smooth, and not heavy on the lips. I didn't experience any drying from these either.

The plastic tube seems durable enough. The squared shape of the tube also makes them easy to store together. The bottom even has the lipstick within it so you know exactly what color you have without having to open the tube.

10 out of 10
I found no faults with these Covergirl lip perfections as of yet. These want me to actually dabble into Covergirl products again. By far my favorite product by Covergirl yet even though that's not saying much since mostly everything I have tried from the brand has failed me.

December 13, 2012

Review: LE Maybelline Eyestudio Quad in "Cozy Cashmere"

Maybelline's shimmer eye shadows are really good, as I stated in my last post, but how would their mattes perform? My answer: pretty darn good. I believe "Cozy Cashmere" is the only Maybelline Eyestudio quad to contain mattes. Although I could be wrong because I haven't look into them until the pass month or two.

(Natural Lighting)


Product Range Name: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk eye shadows
Shade Name: Cozy Cashmere

Retail Price: $7-$10
Amount: 0.09 oz/2.5 g
Available Color(s): Fall 2012 Limited edition collection and was released with Olive Martini, Smokey Cinnimon, and Sea Sprite 
What is it? 4-pan eye shadow palette/quad
Where to get it? This is Limited edition so you may still find it at Walgreens or where ever this collection appeared.

Unlike my last review on Copper Chic, this has a variation of finishes. These are still very pigmented, silky smooth, and not powdery. 

This quad contains a:
Metallic Nude - The shimmers in this one are larger and shinier than that of the nude shade from the copper chic palette.
Satin Dark Brown with scattered Gold Shimmers -  The impressive thing about this is that you actually can see the gold shimmers post application. I find with this type of scattered shimmer eye shadow, they usually end up being a solid color and the shimmers just never appear or fall out onto my cheeks. I'm impressed, although it doesn't mean that there isn't any glitter fallout from this. It's just not as much.
Matte Burnt Orange - Quite silky smooth in texture. I'm loving this shade as of late. It really warms up any look when applied to the crease.
Matte Mauve-y Brown - Also quite silky smooth. This gives a nice change from your average brown crease eye shadow.

(Natural Lighting)


9 out of 10
Deduction of one point for the fallout from the dark brown with golden shimmers. Other than that I think this is a lovely quad. Your able to able to a full look from it, from a warm day look to a warm smokey brown look. This palette range are really becoming nice go to's for me as of late. I really encourage the thought of Maybelline releasing more matte shades in the eye studio formula. 

December 8, 2012

Review: Maybelline Eyestudio Quad in Copper Chic

Maybelline has been stepping up their game for awhile now. These eye shadows are phenomenal,  I'm shocked I haven't given in to buying these sooner. Out of the palettes available at the time, I really gravitated toward Copper Chic because of the warm rosy pink, since I've been on the hunt for a nice pink for awhile.

(Natural Lighting)

(Direct sunlight)

Product Range Name: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk eye shadows

Retail Price: $7-$10
Amount: 0.09 oz/2.5 g
Available Color(s): 15 permanent, but unknown(to me at least) amount of Limited Editions
What is it? 4-pan eye shadow palette/quad
Where to get it? Anywhere Maybelline products are sold.

The eye shadow quality of these four shades are consistently the same. One doesn't perform better than another, which I found was quite rare in drugstore shadows. Let me tell you, these are so gorgeously good too. 

All four shades have a metallic finish. The only downfall to this quad is the fact that there isn't any  variation of finishes. I have to admit that Maybelline has perfected the formula of shimmery shadows. 

It comes with a high reflectivemetalic off-white, rosy pink, bronze, and a dark brown. They don't seem to be powdery at all. To top it off they are very pigmented too. 

'Copper Chic', the name of the quad sort of threw me a bit because none of these shades are copper. Once worn it actually looks quite coppery when the shades are all put together.

(Natural lighting)


10 out of 10
Copper Chic has been my go to 4 out to 7 times a week for the past month. I have to say at this point its close to becoming my top favorite drugstore quad. Wet n' Wild, watch out! (Even though the Eyestudio came out way before the Coloricon.) I've been reaching for this so often that I feel a bit guilty for ignoring my more expensive eye shadows too. Despite my feelings, I MUST get more.

December 5, 2012

Review: Sephora/Disney's Vol. 1 Cinderella Palette

Can't find anything for a Disney/fairy tale and makeup loving friend of yours for Christmas  Well look no further with this Cinderella palette, a Sephora and Disney collaborative.

(Heads up for picture heaviness below!)

It's made of cardboard, but it's quite sturdy cardboard. As you can see it's a pull drawer type of palette similar to Urban Decay's Book of Shadows, but without a mirror.  Some may think of it as a drawback, but for me personally, I never even use mirrors included in cosmetics, besides powders.

This wouldn't really be travel friendly per se because of its bulky packaging. It's in more of a pretty bedroom counter decoration or book on a shelf since its "spine" makes it look like a story book. I mean look at it's beauty with all its gold/periwinkle details of scenes and objects from the tale and Cinderella's silhouette. The navy blue velvet shelf is a nice touch too.

(Side Note: Is anyone crazy enough to actually buy the Swarvoski crystal version? O_o)

Better yet, you can also take out the eye shadow portion and use this as a jewelry box. Although I have no clue where I would put the eye shadows other than the original packaging and I don't see myself finishing this up in this lifetime.

Retail Price: $55.00
Amount: 0.035 oz each
Available Color(s): Cinderella Vol. 1 (only, thus far)
What is it? 20-piece eye shadow palette
Where to get it? Sephora (exclusively)
Parabens? None

On for the swatches:
Row 1:

R-L: Maiden, All Glow, Destined, Cinderelly, Pumpkin Coach


Maiden: Shimmery magenta. The pigmentation is one of the weakest in this palette, but it is workable.
All Glow: Glittery rose gold. Ick, the fallout on this was TERRIBLE. the most unflattering color in this palette due to the glitter.
Destined: Light blue with a pearly light green/gold sheen. 
Cinderelly: Matte seafoam green.
Pumpkin Coach: Matte yellow-toned creme with sparse gold shimmers. The shimmers are actually visible when worn; they're very subtle though.

Row 2:

 R-L:Ball Gown, Kill Joy, Fairy Godmother, Glass Slipper, Royal


Ball Gown: Ultra frosty white.
Kill Joy: Frosty gunmetal grey. I was hoping that this was a taupe, but it isn't.
Fairy Godmother: Matte Periwinkle. This shade is so unique I've never seen a periwinkle eyeshadow before. Super pigmented too.
Glass slipper: Slight-pearly light blue (if you want to be technical). This looks pretty much matte on the eyes.
Royal: Vibrant matte electric blue.

Row 3:

 R-L: Gus Gus, Charming, Chateau, Palace, Drizella


Gus Gus: Bright ultra shimmery yellow-gold.
Charming: Ultra shimmery champagne.
Chateau: Shimmery brown.
Palace: Shimmery peach-toned Champagne.
Drizella: Shimmery golden bronze.

Row 4:

R-L: Cinders, Jaq, Midnight, A Wish, Rococo


Cinders: Matte black with sparse gold glitter. The glitters are actually visible.
Jaq: Shimmery dark brown-grey.
Midnight: Shimmery Dark blue with blue glitter.
A Wish: Matte creme.
Rococo: Dark Plum with lighter plum scattered shimmers. Basically a matte.

All of these shades are actually extremely powdery and quite a bit chalky when swatched. Granted they are still extremely pigmented though. Once on the eyes they perform well and evenly. Just remember that these are NOT the type of shadows that you would have to swirl your brush in, don't do it.

The shades I pointed out above with 'Ultra' are just that ULTRA shimmery/frosty. I don't see these particular shades working on the more mature audience. These particular shades are so shimmery that they are borderline juvenile because they have somewhat chunky shimmer.

The colors of the palette can definitely create endless combinations of looks. You have everything from neutrals to brights with various textures. It also has a matte creme for blending and highlighting. Very useful and lovely in this regard.

7.5 out of 10
This palette captures the beauty and elegance of the fairy tale we all know and love, Cinderella. Truthfully speaking if I were to strictly base this palette off the quality of the eye shadows I probably would've over looked this and definitely wouldn't have paid the $55, but its the novelty of it that drove me in. I do think that these eye shadows are good, just too messy for the price.

Thing to Note: The palette's spine does indeed say "Vol. 1" so we may see more versions coming out. Trust me... I WILL be out for those. I'm looking forward to a Snow White version. Think of the possible greens, purples, reds, or golds. *drools*

Would I recommend?
If your not getting this for the novelty, are expecting the eye shadows to be outstanding, or aren't into cool toned shadows, then I would have to say skip it.
If you love the idea, value, or are going to gift this, then go for it.

November 27, 2012

Collective Haul: Up to 11.27.12 + Black Friday stuffies

I want to first say that I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful and that everyone was able to shop safely as they hunted for some deals.

Sooooo I finally got a Job this pass month so I've been pretty bad with my money. I'm still in the process of figuring out how to deal with money without gunning it all. More about that in a later post.

Here is my Haul from the pass couple months along with Black Friday deals and a couple after BF stuff.

Sephora/Disney - Cinderella palette: I was torn between getting this or the Tarte Carried Away palette.  I just chose the pretty gimmick in the end because I've been super into fairy tales as of late and it does say that it's Vol. 1 so hopefully more to come to collect~ So far I like it, but it definitely comes with problems of it's own.

Target Beauty Bag: I'm so Sad this is the last one that they're giving out. D; I'm loving all of these little makeup bags that come with the samples.

Maybelline Color Tattoos LE - Test my Teal and Rich Mahogany: The textures of this are way better then the regular line in my opinion. I was quite sad that I couldn't find the Beige or Dark Gold Limited Edition colors. 

Revlon Lip Butter - Berry Smoothie and Fig Jam: These shades are great and I'm liking the texture of these. I've been reaching for these all the time. 

China Glaze - Deviantly Darling and Rare & Radiant: I was quite disappointed in these. The duochrome wasn't too apparent. But They are still pretty none the less.

Jordana blushes - Coral Sandy Beach and Redwood: These gems are amazing, super cheap, and pigmented. I finally got the chance to venture into a Kmart to get these. I've been wanting these for awhile now.

Sinful Colors - Cinderella, Winterberry, and Glass Pink: Cinderella looks gorgeous in the bottle, but I'm not a huge fan of the formula. Winterberry is a nice dusty purple with tiny white shimmer flecks. Glass pink is a great "clean" color.

Ultimate Poshe - Crease brush set: I wouldn't recommend these to be honest. They're a bit scratchy 

Black Friday haul

Ulta Mix and Match 5 for $5
~Ulta Nail polish - Celebutante: Cool Purple Creme.
~Vanilla Noel Hand Cream - Smells Nice and since I started working my hands have gone to pieces with dryness so a hand cream was definitely on the shopping list.
~Nail clipper: Nothing much to say here...
~Ulta Shiny Gloss Mini - Mischief: I'm liking the colors and happy it isn't sheer.
~Chi - Silk Infusion- I wanted to see what all the hype about this stuff was about. It smells nice.

Tarte Black Friday set: I thought this was a great deal for half the price you'd get for each plus they are full size products.

 Black Friday Deal

Threshold Fuzzy Blanket: This is so amazingly soft. I've used it twice so far and I felt like I was drifting on a cloud of baby bunnies. 

Snake Double ring - I've always loved snake rings and it was on sale for 99 cents for Black Friday.

Nyx Blush - Copper- I love the shimmery pigmented quality to this and it's not your traditional pinky blush color.

Nyx Eyeliner - White: I think I want to try giving the white waterline trick a go one more timee with a more pigmented white.

November 25, 2012

The Grand Purge #1

Side note: Sooo true story, I really do have/had a ton of posts planned for a LONG time now, but I just never get around to actually executing them... *sigh*

Welcome to my first Nail Polish Purge~
I've been gathering and gathering probably 150+ Polishes... And I have come to the conclusion: I really need to purge the ones that I don't even touch.
My parents think that actually I'm drinking the stuff at this point. <-- only half joking, of course...
Therefor I shall be purging all of these onto my friends. In hope these actually get some use.

Without further adieu here is the purge and my last words for each.

Rimmel -Steel Grey: First brought as a dupe for the famous Metro Chic, but alas the formula combined with the wide brush has driven me crazy for the last time.
Finger Paints - Lavender Highlight: Despite the strikingly similar appearance, I have indeed fallen for another's formula.
Finger Paints - Blank Canvas Cream: I had so many drab/formal events I was going to wear this to, but the color looked just a bit weird on me. It is suppose to be a dusty pink, but the separation is making it look orange.
Nina Ultra Pro - Leaf Me Alone: I adore the name. It is such a sheer color though. I may rethink purging this one because I've been recently seeing loads of people frankening polishes so I might add some glitters.
Sally Hansen - Chartreuse Chase: Interesting color, pastel green with a blue iridescent shimmers.
KleanColor - Dark Brown: I was planing to do nail art with this, but it's almost so dark it's black.
KleanColor - Sugar Coat: The formula is too thick and the glitters are too sparse for my taste.
New York Color(N.Y.C.) - Pink Pormenade Creme: I bought this along with my FIRST polishes for my mom but she never used it and I'm not a fan of pinks. Its just never been opened...
Sinful Colors - Fuji: One of my first polishes. It's super sheer, it almost looks like a shimmery lip gloss look to it.
Sinful Colors - Hottie: I'm just sorta sick of this glitter, despite its beauty.
Sinful Colors - Rise and Shine: It was my first victim on the hunt for the perfect teal. It lends more green so it just looks horrible and sickly on me.
Sinful Colors - All About Me: Not excited about this glitter at all...
(No Name): This is actually an amazing red creme. It's a one coater too, I've just found another just as good one with a cuter name/bottle...
Sally Girl - I.Q. - I didn't like the formula one bit.
Revlon - No Shrinking Violet: I don't have the patience for this to dry and the color is sorta blah for me.
Revlon - Iced Spice: This looks unbearable bad and weird on me.
Mood Struck - Purple to Light Pink: It does change, but it's not the most noticeable...
Hot Topic - (No Name): It's a black with hot pink glitter. Boring.
Wet n' Wild- Disturbia - Too plain for me.
Sally Hansen - Fractured Foil: I'm over the crackle look to be honest. the crackle on this aren't that amazing. And silver looks odd on me...

September 30, 2012

NP Swatch: Spoiled - Cougar Attack

This is my first Spoiled nail polish and I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed. I honestly just grabbed this to reach the $12 mark for the CVS coupon, but I'm glad I did. I was on the fence choosing between this, Ants In My Pants, or Are Mermaids Real?. I ultimately chose this because for some reason lately I've been loving bronze/brown anything.

Indirect sunlight

Direct sunlight

Cougar Attack-
-It's a dark brown jelly with coppery bronze one-size glitter heavily put in. 
-It's apparently a re-release from Wet n' Wild's On the Prowl collection.
-$1.99 at CVS.
-2-3 coats for full opacity.
-2 coats in the picture above
-Goes on thick, but smoothly. Once it's dried you will feel the glitter grittyness, but it's not overboard.
-Doesn't take long for a coat to dry. Whatever you do, don't attempt to one coat this, it'll take forever to dry. Use thin layers if you can.
- The brush: Some may hate it or like it. I like the cut, it gave me the perfect gap from my cuticle, which I've never achieved before, and what would usually take 3 strokes, took 1. The downside is that mine was a bit splayed out. It could be from the glitter or just another factory defect that I've heard so much about.

September 29, 2012

Lip art: Once Upon a Time Season premiere~

I've been a little too obsessed with Once Upon a Time lately. I watched the entire season in two days. Once I get hooked on a TV show, drama, book, manga, or anime, I will just marathon the entire series. That's just how I roll.

The story-line isn't some cliche teenage girl plot at all. It includes all of my favorite childhood fairy tales, but with nice twists. You even learn to love every character once you know their tragic pasts. Side note: Rumpelstiltskin for the WIN  *gasp* AND Red's a total BAMF. :D

Oh lordy, the season 2 premiere is going to be so amazing. 8/7 central the ABC here I come~ *throws confetti* 
Non-spoiler speculation: What if Henry's father turns out to be Baelfire? I mean come on very plausible, right? I'll be SOOOOO disappointed if it isn't because it would round out the plot so nicely.

Anyways, here is my lip art:

In dedication to the show~

The watermark is under 'Crescentfied' because that is my Deviant art user. I haven't even uploaded it there yet. So that'll be proof that it's indeed mine. Here is a link to my DA(*poke* check out my gallery ;D). [Here] 

This is based off the logo/opening picture. There was no way I was fitting "Upon A Time" on my lips, so the white line will just have to do. I'm so proud of myself; the lip lining wasn't as horrible as I thought it'd turn out.

What I Used:

Not sure if any of these are lip safe(probably not), but it's what I used it anyway. So consider that a warning, I guess?

Nyx - Jumbo Pencil in Milk(depotted): Used for the wording.
Revlon - Illuminance Creme Shadow in Electric Pop:
                             Navy, middle blending lip color.
                             Periwinkle, the inner/center lip color.
L'oreal - Pencil Perfect in Ebony: Used as the Lip liner. <--- Happy to find use out of this really horrible eyeliner. No wonder it was discontinued.
Mehron - Aqua Paradise AQ in black: Used for the trees. <--- I'll never get enough of the smell, coconut-y goodness.
Nyx - Eye shadow single in Pacific: Used to set the inner/center of the lips.

PS. Thank you, Leesha(xsparkage) for doing your Once Upon a Time series. It helped me out of my boredom rut for a couple days.

September 5, 2012

Review: Ulta Single Eyeshadows

I'm still super happy that an Ulta moved in close to me. Definitely planning to head back there sometime to check out the Essence, Ulta, and Nyx displays.  Absolutely digging the plethora of  testers for just about every makeup item in the store. So until then I might as well add some swatches of the Ulta single shadows I hauled HERE. Like I said in that post, these were on an amazing buy two get two, plus I had a 20% off purchase coupon.

Sunburst, Toast, Grace, Honeybee

Retail Price: $7.00
Amount: 0.08 oz./2.4 g
Available Colors: 90 available shades
What is it? Eyeshadow Single
Where to get it? Ulta
Animal- testing? No.

Product Claims:
"A silky, fine-milled eyeshadow that glides on and blends easily to define and brighten your eyes. This formula is enriched with emollients for long-lasting color that will not crease or fade. Dramatic enough for evening wear and versatile enough for daytime wear. With over 90 shades to choose from, there is definitely one in there to suit any mood or event! Brush not included."

Packaging: Sturdy, flat and circular plastic that flips open. Clear top with white font. Dark gray base with a mirrored coat around the edge of the packaging. 

Shimmery peachy gold. The shimmers are pretty fine. The pigmentation is okay, but you may have to build the color twice. Barely powdery.

This shade caught my eye, even if it's a generic color. Although the display one was more creamier and pigmented then the actual single that I have. (=.=;)

Toast -
Shimmery taupey bronze with a tinge of pink. Good pigmentation. Not powdery. 

Couldn't keep my hands off getting another taupey color, but the pink hue does make it differ from the rest of my taupey bronzes.

Grace -
Matte dusty purple. Good Pigmentation. Not powdery. Very silky smooth.

GYAH, I've been trying to find a nice pigmented dusty purple for awhile after drooling over Tease from the Urban Decay Naked 2. I didn't want to fork over 50 bucks on the palette just for a shade, but I was even contemplating dropping $16-$18 bucks to get the single Heist or Cult. Glad that I don't have to do either.

Honeybee -
Matte yellow. I wouldn't say it's the brightest yellow though. It might need to be built up and is best with some sort of sticky base. Not Powdery. Very smooth.

I believe I may still be obsessed with doing a nice rainbow eye. But if not for that, it's actually pretty wearable with my tan skin complexion.

Overall: 4.5/5
Recommend to another? Yes.
Their quite nice and fit the price range quite well. You also get a bit of product that will probably last awhile. Not the hardest to store either. I definitely will purchase other shades in the future.

August 31, 2012

NP Swatch: Love & Beauty - Safari Gold

Indirect Sunlight
 Direct Sunlight

Safari Gold -
It's a dark olive/brown with heavy gold shimmer.
$2.80 at Forever 21.
2-3 coats for full opacity.
3 coats of polish in pictures above.
Goes on smoothly and not at all too thick or thin.
Dries in an average amount of time. By the time I painted all my nails the 1st nail was surface dry.
I am about positive that its exact counterpart in the LA girls polishes is Antique Gold.

August 26, 2012

Mini Review: Ulta Brand Mystic Collection

Here are some swatches and a first impressions of the Free Gift with purchase that I hauled last post. I wasn't holding any high hopes for this, but it wasn't all that bad.

 Silk, Gold Dust, Platinum, Granite

Silk - Shimmery champagne with white shimmer.  Good pigmentation.
Gold Dust - Dark brown with gold shimmer. Decent pigmentation.
Platinum - Shimmery grey/silver. Weak pigmentation, I had to build up the swatch.
Granite - Shimmery blue toned charcoal. Decent pigmentation.

 Iceland, Must Have, Eggplant, Eclipse

Iceland - Shimmery off-white. Decent pigmentation.
Must Have - Shimmery taupe. Decent pigmentation.
Eggplant - Satin plum. Decent pigmentation. 
Eclipse - Dark purple with pink shimmers. Reminiscent of Mac's Beauty Marked, I believe. Decent pigmenation.

Overall: Meh. The eyeshadow palettes are workable with a base, but they are powdery and a bit chalking. So fallout may be expected.

  Stellar, Good Year for Wine, Adore, Dark Brown, Black

#218 Good Year for Wine

Super Shiny Lip Gloss in #18 Stellar - Sheer berry mauve. Feels a tad thick and moisturizing , but not stick in the slightest. 
Lipcolor in #218 Good Year For Wine - Burgundy with a Pearl finish. Supper pigmented and glides on.
Cheek Color in Adore - Matte Berry with gold shimmers. Not the most pigmented, but still quite good.
Dual Ended Eye Liner pencil in Dark Brown/Black - Super creamy and pigmented. I haven't tested it out yet, but I have a feeling that it'll smudge.

 Indirect Sunlight

Direct Sunlight

Nail Lacquer in Femme Fatale - Vampy Plum with hidden coppery pink shimmer in the sunlight. The Formula is pretty amazing with this. It goes on so smoothly and takes 2-3 coats for full opacity.

Here is the rest of the Ulta gift with purchase.

Faux snake skin clutch - Pretty roomy.
Legendary Lengths Mascara - I have yet to use it since I want to finish up my other mascaras first.
Applicators - The eyeshadow brush is crap. If i were to use it it'd probably scratch up my eyelid. :/  The sponge tip's a sponge tip. The contour is super bluntly cut and a little scratchy, but I don't think it would be unbearable to use.
Instant Nourish Facial Moisturizer - I haven't tried it yet either.

August 19, 2012

Haul: My first time at Ulta

Recently I've been loving where I live. My mall got a expanded Forever 21, an makeup counter in sears, and a movie theater.
In addition to ALL of that a plaza very close to where I live opened up a Ulta a couple days ago. It replaced the space where Borders was, sad Borders had to go bankrupt, but super stoked that I get an Ulta near me. The closest one before this was probably an hour or more away so needless to say I never went to one until today.

If I were to ever consider doing the $20 Makeup challenge, THIS ulta portion would be the purchase I'd use with a foundation.  Of course it's probably cheating though, but hey, No ELF products at least. ^^;

ULTA - Single eyeshadow in Sunburst, Toast, Grace, and Honey Bee : ($7) I just couldn't pass up these beautiful colors with the deal that was going on.

ULTA - Mystic Collection Gift with Purchase : ($17.50) 13 piece gift with purchase. Not a big fan of shiny fake leather material and/or any animal prints, but the clutch look nice.
- #218 Good Year for Wine Lipstick
- Femme Fatale Nail Laquer
- Instant Nourish Facial Moisturizer sample
- Eyeshadow Quad of Iceland, Must Have, Eggplant, Eclipse
- Eyeshadow Quad of Silk, Gold Dust, Platinum, Granite
- Legendary Lengths Mascara
- Super Shiny Lip Gloss in #18 Stellar
- Sponge tip, Eyeshadow brush, and Contour/Blush brush
- Dual ended Eyeliner. Deep Brown/Black
- Adore Cheek blush

All items above, Total:  $11.20

Ulta brand makeup was on a Buy 2 get 2 Free. Since the store just opened they gave out a 20% off the entire purchase Coupon. Since my purchase was an Ulta brand cosmetic, I got two choose one out of three types of bags. <--- I didn't even know about the gift until the cashier pointed it out to my delight.
Can you see why this would be cheating in for the $20 Makeup challenge? xD Perfect deal.

Duo Lash Adhesive in Dark Tone : ($5.49) I've heard wonderous things about this. I've also had a few unused falsies for a while because of the bad included lash glues. Plus my senior pictures are in the next couple days, so I'm going to need a little boost for my short stubby lashes.

Maybelline 24 hour concealer in Medium Beige : ($1.94 sale) Lucky~ I've wanted to try out this for a while after all the rave reviews about it, but I just never picked it up.

Estee Lauder - Pure Color Crystal lipstick in 44 Berry Truffle : (gifted) Very pretty on the lips and smells like berry fruit punch.

Estee Lauder - Pure Color Long Lasting and Pure Color Crystal lipstick mix Palette : (gifted) It'll be a nice way to see what colors work with my complexion.

My Mom's coworker gave her two sets of the Estee Lauder stuff So my mom decided to give me the doubles. I'm pretty positive that these are gifts with purchase, which makes me wonder if my mom's coworker is a big Estee Lauder junkie. :P