August 20, 2013

First YesStyle Haul

Here is my very first ever YesStyle haul~ You probably can't imagine how LONG I've always dreamed of getting things from here. The only thing I'm not showing is the black hat at the top because my friend ordered it.

To me honest I'm never the one to splurge on cloths or rather, on individual items of clothing. I'm a bargain shopper, the sales rack is my go-to. My philosophy for clothing shopping is that you can always find cute things for cheap and you can buy more of them instead of splurging on a single item. So spending so much to reach the free express shipping kinda hurt my conscious a little. This has been the most I've ever spent on a clothing purchase (excluding prom).

Bird Patch Pompom Beanie

Not going to lie, I've been on a crazy beanie kick lately. Just this summer, I crocheted or knitted 10 beanies, getting prepared for winter I guess. Although I have yet to buy one before or make one this color, plus I had no clue how to make this style so I bought it.

The main design is exactly like the model picture, but the pom poms are made out of a thinner thread, which I actually liked more. The hat itself seems made quite well, seems like it would be warm, and fits nicely on my head.

Two complains: One of the pompoms on the ear came off after I tried it on, but it was a simple fix. I was hoping to take the owl off once I got the hat if I didn't like, but it seems like they hot glued it. It would've been nicer if they stitched it on.

Side-Button Capelet

It is made of really soft fleece and is lightweight. I have yet to ever give into the batwing sleeve trend, but this was quite adorable and you'd probably never find anything like this in a store here in America. I can't wait to layer it over some of my winter clothes, if it ever gets relatively cold enough in Florida that is.

Definitely no complains here.

Zip Detail Shoulder bag

THIS was the reason built up the guts to finally order from YesStyle. I was in desperate need to get a bigger and more versatile purse and I had yet to find one that I liked from any stores near me or clothing websites. Of course the $10 shipping fee annoyed me so I ended up raising my order to get the most for my money. 

It's a very spacious purse, but this had a list of problems.

-There are 3 different tones of accent gold on this: Rose gold, Light gold and Yellow gold. It wasn't a big deal but I found it a little odd.
-The purse liner was crappily sewn together so at the bottom threads were everywhere and they didn't sew it completely all the way so there was a hole at the bottom. This annoyed me, but it was on the inside of the purse and was fixable with sewing. 
-It stunk SO bad of Rubber for the first month, but it did eventually go away so now it's just a fate odor.
-The leather strap bits attached to the purse itself detreaded itself and came off. I had to reattach it onto the purse with sewing. Now, I can started to see he second one coming undone so I'm probably going to have to do the same with that side.
-The main zipper is quite hard to zip up too. It has become a bit easier to zip, but still a hassle every time.

Despite the multiple problems, I quite like the style and other features of this.

Crochet Inset High-Top Sneakers

 I had ordered a size 37 and I'm normally a 6 1/2 in US sizes, but they were a little snug so I suggest going a size up. They feel comfortable despite the size being a little small, but they aren't cushioned at all.

The only thing that annoys me about these shoes is the fact that the Tongue is so short and deep into the shoe that you have to hold it while you put them on to prevent it from being bunched.

These aren't exactly the most slip resistant shoes either. So far they are holding up pretty well and aren't getting super dirty.

Overall: I recommend, received a bunch of complements on them from friends too.

Drawstring-Waist Hooded Parka

This was my most expensive Item I purchased in the haul. I love the versatility of this. It can bring a little masculinity to feminine outfits, like how the model is wearing it. The drawstring is nice to bring back some definition to your curves as well.

The outer material of this Parka is almost suede like. I was expecting this to feel a bit more heavier, but it honestly feels similar to a wind breaker.

Drawstring Cropped Harem Pants

Ever since EXO's song History came out, I've been dying to get myself some harem pants so I can shake them too. If you have seen the music video you know exactly which part I'm referring too. 

They are very comfortable and made out of a stretchy cotton material. I'm still a bit confused with how I'm going to style this because these make my already big hips look even larger. 

Print Pleated Culottes

 These were a lot thinner than I was expecting. its very flowy so it is good that it comes with inner shorts as well.  The thin material makes these a really nice piece for Spring and Summer still.