December 30, 2011

Swatches: Orly Holiday Soiree Minis

So yesterday I was wandering my local Sally's Beauty Supply again and rummaged around the nail aisle/ clearance shelf. Of course the full size display was already wiped out, so I settled with these little guys.


It's a midtoned metallic purple with a load of large yellow/gold shimmers.  So pretty, unique and what is staying on my nails.


It's a black sheer jelly with gold shimmers, holographic silver glitter and large hexagonal teal/blue & green/orange glitter. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous in the bottle, very galaxy-like. Sadly, as others have said most of the hexagonal glitter stick to the sides of bottle. Even with a bunch of shaking I could hardly get enough onto my nails. Overall a bit disappointing. 

Ma Cherie

It's a candy apple red jelly. The picture above is a bit lighter then what it looks like in real life. Ironically I stumbled upon these the day after I started "lemming" for a red jelly nail polish.

Note: All swatches above were done with two coats of nail polish.

In Addition. . .

They came packaged like this:

Original: ?
Clearance: $3.99
But remember there is a Sale going on that is up to 70% off Clearance Items. So I got these 50% off for two dollars.  The sale is going to go on for two more days ending on 12/31/11, so I'd get there soon to find these or other clearanced holiday polishes.

December 29, 2011

Review Wet n Wild Coloricon palette in Comfort Zone

So since the review I wrote for the I Heart Matte a few days ago I started thinking that maybe I should write a review for the other Wet n' Wild palettes I've have gathered over the last couple years too so expect a slew of Wet n' Wild reviews coming up. To start, I give you a review about Wet n' Wild's Comfort Zone palette~

Retail Price: $4.99
Amount: 0.3 oz/ 8.5
Available Colors: Comfort Zone, Petal Pusher, Blue Had Me At Hello, I Heart Matte
What is it? 8-pan Eyeshadow Palette
Where to get it? Walgreens, Walmart, CVS(some), an possibly other local grocery/drugstores in the US.
 "A stunning collection of 8 silky, ultra-pigmented day-to-night colors. Mix-and-match for a variety of looks from sweet to wild!
      - All-day, crease-resistant color"

Packaging: Like other Coloricon line packaging, it's a flip open plastic case with a clear top and black bottom. Not exactly sturdy, but does the job. It also does not include a mirror, which personally I don't mind. On the back it has a chart that suggests where to place the eye shadows with different combinations and looks. The eyeshadows themselves are imprinted with either: Browbone, Eyelid, Crease, or Definer.

Pigmentation: The most pigmented out of the other 8-pans like this. All of these shades are pigmented. One shade in particular in this palette I might even consider too pigmented and that would be the left definer.

Texture/Finish: I'd say you'd only have to watch out for fallout and powdery-ness with only two of the shades. I'd like to add that someone should not swirl their brush because you will grab WAY to much eyeshadow and powder will go everywhere. The eyeshadows in this palette contain a shimmery, pearly, or duocrome finish. There is not a single matte in this palette.

Longevity: These last about the same as other good quality shadows on my semi oily lids. With a good primer or base I don't see these creasing that often.


Left Browbone: Chunky shimmery yellow creme. Definitely watch out with the glittery fallout with this one.

Left Eyelid: Pearly warm tone pink with golden sheen. My favorite color in this entire palette(if you can't tell by the dent in the 1st picture). So smooth and creamy.

Left Crease: Pearly bronzy brown.

Left Definer: Very dark brown with copper shimmers throughout. All you need is a feather light touch and you'd probably still have enough for other person. Honestly when I use this color I can really see any of the copper shimmer. Also because of the softness and pigmentation of this you should watch of fallout with this shade.

Right Browbone: Pearly dirty golden champagne. I think it'd look like a odd browbone color, but as a eyelid color it looks very pretty.

Right Eyelid: Shimmery leafy green with splash of gold.

Right Crease: Very dark olive green with gold shimmers throughout.

Right Definer: Reddish brown base with a forest green duocrome. Probably the shadow that many people wanted this palette for. I don't think it really looks too appealing as a definer color but as a eyelid or layering color it's gorgeous.

What I came up with:

Super shimmery subtle pinky golden bronze smoky eye using the left side of the palette. All Shadows were used as labeled. Oddly the eyelid color kept registering as a gold in the camera. 

Using the first 3 shades from the right side of the palette(not the definer color).  I used the Eyelid and crease as suggested but I used the Browbone in the inner corner. 

Now to showcase the Duochrome definer.  I put it across my entire eyelid. I then added a bit of the right crease color to deepen the outer corner a little more.

4.5 out of 5
I like this palette. Not so much the Left Browbone, but I quite like the rest of the colors. As the name suggests, this palette would probably fit most people's comfort zone while giving one the option to add a bit of color with the green shades. One would also easily go from a day look to a dramatic smoky night look.
Would I recommend? Yes, if you miss out on the Night Elf palette from the 2010 Christmas collection or are new to Wet n' Wild eyeshadows. Although, if you have all the palettes: Night Elf, I'm Getting Sunburned, Walking on Eggshells and/or Sweet as Candy, I'd pass. Of course unless you want those 2 greens in the palettes.

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas~

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope everyone is safe at home with a family all around with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and tucked into a warm and cozy robe, blanket, or Snuggie watching all the classic Christmas movies on ABC family.

Although at the moment in Florida it really doesn't feel at all Christmasy considering it's still around 70-80 degrees. >___> Definitely moving up north one day, even though I'd probably freeze to death because I've very vulnerable to the cold, considering I even sometimes wear jackets in the summer. ^^;

And last but not least, please enjoy my Christmas eye look I came up made a few days ago. Thought of it after I got sick of seeing all the gold eyeshadow and red lip looks on YouTube. :/

Products Used:
Nyx - Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Wet n' Wild - Coloricon palette  in I heart Matte, White Brownbone shade.
Morbid/Hot Topic - lip/eyeliner in Red.
Nyx - single eyeshadow in Redhead.
Physician's Formula - Shimmer Strips Gel liner in Green eyes, the Green shade.
Rimmel - Extra Wow Lash Mascara in Ultra black.


December 23, 2011

Review: Wet n' Wild Coloricon palette in I Heart Matte

Retail Price: $4.99
Amount: 0.3 oz/ 8.5 g
Available Colors: Comfort Zone, Petal Pusher, Blue Had Me At Hello, I Heart Matte
What is it? All Matte 8-pan Eyeshadow Palette; I believe and/or like to believe that this palette isn't Limited Edition, but I could be wrong.
Where to get it? Walgreens; it should be in a end cap wall display along with the holiday baked palettes
 "A stunning collection of 8 silky, ultra-pigmented day-to-night colors. Mix-and-match for a variety of looks from sweet to wild!
      - All-day, crease-resistant color"

Packaging: Just like the other 8-pan palettes, it's a flip-open-from-the-bottom plastic case with a clear top and black base. Not exactly sturdy, but does the job. It also does not include a mirror, which personally I don't mind. On the back it has a chart that suggests where to place the eye shadows with different combinations and looks. The eyeshadows themselves are imprinted with either: Browbone, Eyelid, Crease, or Definer.

Pigmentation: The majority of the colors are VERY pigmented. All you need is a dab and your covered. Although there are only two to three shades where I had to layer a bit to get a completely opaque color.

Texture/Finish: Generally they're a bit powdery, especially the Green Eyelid shade. You may experience a bit of fall out but not much at all if you tap off a little before applying.They are ALL matte, hence the name. If you stare harder at the Purple definer shade you may see a bit of sparkle, but rest assured it comes off completely matte.

Longevity: Although I do have semi oily eyelids, I never wear eyeshadow with out some something moist on my lids for eyeshadow to stick to whether it be a base, primer or light moisturizer. That being said, these do actually say crease-less longer then some of my other eyeshadows, probably because they are a bit powdery.


Left/Colorful side-

Browbone- A stark white. One of the shades I mentioned that I had to build a little to get the desired pigmentation. Overall quite good, since its pretty hard to find a opaque white.

Eyelid- Plain kelly green. As mentioned before it's the most powdery shade out of the bunch, so definitely watch out for fallout.

Crease- Between an electric and sky blue.

Definer- Neutral purple, that doesn't lean blue or red. Also one of the shades that needs a little layering.

Right/Neutrals side-

Browbone- Creme color. Some would say that it's the same as the single in Brulee. Color-wise, yes it is, but pigmentation-wise, I find the cremes in Wet n' Wild palettes are more pigmented. It's also very soft/powdery, but I'm less consider with any fallout with this because it's a light/skin tone color.

Eyelid- An orangy tan. Again, one of the shades that need a bit of work. Sadly it is close to my skin tone color so it wouldn't show up much on my eyelids.

Crease- Dark and sightly red-toned brown. Same as the matte dark brown in the Vanity 6-pan palette, but softer.

Definer- Standard black. If your looking for a nicely pigmented black I suggest getting this palette or Blue had me at Hello.

What I came up with:

 This is using the Left side of the I Heart Matte palette plus the Right's browbone color plus double winged eyeliner for added drama.

White Browbone: Inner corner
Green Eyelid: Central of my eyelid
Blue Crease: Outer corner
Purple definer: In my crease
Creme Browbone: On my brow bone and blended heavily with the purple in my crease.

 This is using the right Neutral side of the palette. I used all the colors where it is suggested this time for a soft smokey wearable eye look.

Tan Eyelid: On my eyelid.
Brown Crease: In Crease
Creme Browbone: On browbone blended into the brown
Black definer: In my outer corner

5 out of 5
It's great to have all the basic matte shades in one palette. I don't like using one finish for an eye look, but the purpose of this palette is to be all matte after all.
Would I Recommend it? Completely~

December 10, 2011

Haul~ Finally Joining the Bandwagon

So from my recent break from blogging anything because of my lack of camera, I've been yearning to show my top favorite hauled items during that time.

Let's kick this off with more nail polish.
*sigh* Seems like I've been going on a polish buying spree recently. Nail polish is just too pretty to pass up nowadays.

Kleancolor Nail lacquers in Holo Chrome, Sugar Coat, Bridal Shower - $1.99~
Bought them at a local accessory store in Tampa. I've tried them all and I have to say Bridal Shower is my Favorite, but it's so hard to remove. ): Sugar Coat was a bit goopy and slow drying too.

OPI DS Collection in DS Amethyst- $15.99
Bought it at a local Beauty supply store in Tampa. OPI Holos look so Gorgeous, so expensive but so worth it. The most I've ever spent on a nail polish.

Orly, Birds of a Feather Nail Lacquer Gift Set with Fowl Play, Lucky Duck, Sweet Peacock, and a Extra bag- $9.99~
I was so trilled when I found Fowl Play at my local Sally's Beauty Supply. I was dieing to get it since summer, after I heard it was a dupe for OPI's Merry Midnight. My Sally's stopped displaying the individual collection so I bought the set, which was a great deal since your getting Three Orlys for $10. So far I've tried Fowl Play and Lucky Duck, but I plan to try out Sweet Peacock soon enough.

Physician's Formula Set with Baked Souffle, Classic Basics, Touch of Smoke- $6.99~
Complete Steal. For $6.99, it was like a buy one and getting two free. Plus I've been wanting some more neutral colors. I've been Loving Baked Souffle quite a bit, but quite underwhelmed with  Classic Basics. Touch of Smoke makes a good subtle shimmery layering color.

Urban Decay's Naked Palette with a mini Primer Potion and a Good Karma Eyeshadow brush- $48
I paid $21 plus tax. How? I had a $15 off $50 coupon from my Email and $12 left on a Jcpenney gift card. Yay, for getting more then Half off on a high end Product. :P
But Yes, I've finally joined the Naked cult, extremely late considering the Naked 2 just came out, but after searching up reviews comparing the two, although I love taupes to death, I can't seem to pull off greys or silvers. So I didn't take any chances and went with the original Naked. The Original also came with a mini Primer Potion, that I've never tried.
 I'm also super stoked that this is my first Urban Decay product, but also my first full sized high end product.