July 7, 2014

Review: Kao Liese Prettia Hair Dye in Cassis Berry

Back in July 2013, I decided to take a big step for myself and dye my hair. My hair has been black for my entire life. I've always wanted to have crazy colored hair though, but my parents weren't the most accepting. There were many changes going on at the time (new job, relationship, school), I thought "why not get a new hair color while I'm at it?" I wanted to start small, I knew it wasn't easy to lighten black hair.

Enter the 
Kao Liese Prettia Hair Dye in Cassis Berry:

First off, I'm Asian and our hair is a bit thicker and different from Caucasian hair so I decided to go for an Japanese Box dye as opposed to one from the US.

One thing that I was always worried about was the damage on my hair. I love my hair texture. Shiny, healthy, and stick straight, I'd get compliments on it often. A couple years back, when I decided to cut my hair the hair dresser was shocked and tried to convince me not to because it was so nice. But enough of the rambling.

 I heard Prettia wasn't as damaging so that weighted in my decision. Also... Who can't resist the packaging? Too Cute.

Comes with:
Hair Dye
Developer in bottle
Foaming pump

Add the little black bottle(hair dye) to the Transparent bottle of Developer.
Cap it.
Do NOT shake. Gently flip upside down 5-6 times.
Replace white lid with pink pump.
Spread through hair.
Wait 30-40 minutes.
Wash and add Conditioner.

Liese Prettia in Cassis Berry: After

Excuse my picture in bottom right, I didn't like it, but it was a good hair color picture.

Kao Liese Prettia in Cassis Berry: Before and After

It turned into a dark somewhat neutral brown with slight pink tones. The change was barely noticeable in indoor lighting, no one actually even knew until I mentioned it. ^^; It is noticeable outdoors or in sunlight. Though considering I knew how I looked prior, it was generally noticeable to me. 

Not damaging
Did lighten my hair.
Even color
The Foam was easy to use.

Smell. Has a chemical scent, but so does every hair dye.
Didn't turn out like the before/after picture on the box.

4.5 out of 5
Did the job and didn't damaged my hair. Wasn't the color on the box, but was in the realm of it. I'd recommend it.

After wear:
I think it retained the color pretty well. The berry tint wore away a bit, but nothing bad.

July 3, 2014

Nature Box May 2014: First Box~

So I finally buckled down and subscribed to a couple Subscription Boxes. Reason I started with Nature box  was because I found a 50% off coupon for the first box and I realized I've been eating TERRIBLY for the last couple months. Due to not being able to stop snacking, the least I could do is go for healthier alternatives when I am snacking. This box is the Happy Snacker Package.

Sweet Blueberry Almonds: 
I absolutely ADORED these. The Almonds themselves weren't rock hard, like some almond snacks are. They are just the perfect texture. The blueberry powder coating was very nice and sweet. I went through the two bags really fast. 

Fuji Apples:
Ehh. They were very skinny, which makes sense considering they were dehydrated, but the mantle part is the best part. Not a fan of the peel, felt like chewing on tough razor blades. I'd say these were doable though. My favorite out of the dried fruit, but would not try again.

Cherry Ganache Granola:
They were exactly what you'd expect, Cocoa- favored granola with dried cherries. The cocoa granola didn't seem to be sugary at all, which is nice. It was a good snack overall.

Dried California Peaches:
Ew. These were entirely way too tough and the pit was still there so you'd have to eat around it. They weren't that great tasting either, pretty bland. Stick to the fresh thing.

Dried Pears:
Same as the Dried California Peaches.
Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas:
These were a nice extra surprise gesture. I'm usually into more fruity or sweet snacks, so it was nice getting a salty one. These were really good. Kinda reminds me of wasabi beans. Nice, lightly salted, and crunchy. Gave these to my dad because he adores these type of snacks.

2 out of 5
Why? Out of the 5 snacks, I only really liked 2 of them: the Sweet Blueberry Almonds (I would 100% get again) and the Cherry Ganache Ganola. The dried fruit was Terrible, I'm sticking to the fresh stuff.