May 20, 2011

Haul: Tons of Physicians Formula, some Extras & CVS News!

Here is My Physicians Formula Haul as promised and as I said before (in last haul post) these products weren't all purchased at the same day or even week, they were bought over a coarse of a month or more.

All these PF products were purchased with the $5.00 Off Coupon, which can be found here:
Its good till 6/15/11! So you still have loads of time!
I on the other hand, I'm probably stopping with these gems I got. Or will I? ;P
Don't Worry if I do, I'll definitely make a Part 2 to this haul even though technically this is part 2 of a collective haul haul... ^^;

Anyways my new 9 little gems from Physicians Formula:

Trip One~

Where: Wal-Mart
Worth: $22.30
Paid: $12.30

At the time I was Sad I Discovered the coupon after I missed the 40% off at CVS deal a little while back, and I was itching to use it. For one, to see if it was valid, and two, the fact it's 5 bucks off of PF(One of the most expensive/healthiest DS brands). Low and behold it worked. :D

Eye Booster eyeliner in Ultra Black: $9.63(Paid $4.63)~ I've been lemming after this since I heard about all the review raves about it, plus the fact it's infused with a lash growth serum! Perfect to satisfy my eyeliner addict and my short stubby Asian lashes.

Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in Light Bronze Pearl: $12.67 (Paid $7.67)~ So Pretty, but I sorta regret not getting the translucent or beige pearl(for a more noticeable glowy effect) since this sorta blends into my skintone more then I'd like it too. Despite that it's still fantastic, gives me a nice glowy sheen. Another thing, because of the cruddy loose pan and Bulky Packaging, I'm definitely depotting this like htownpai from Youtube did.

Trip Two~

Where: Target
Worth: $18.68
Paid: $8.68

More Impatient buying because these were more products I was going to get from Wally World, but they didn't have it in stock or sold there at all.

Shimmer Strip Bronzer in Waikiki Strip/ Peachy Glow: $9.04(Paid $4.04)~ Love the whole multipurpose idea. Reasons I bought this particular shade; it had a shimmery pink, that might possibly be the shadow I was looking for and the bronzer part was super dark which I think will actually show up on me. Plus the "Peachy Glow" name should out to me too.

Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Creamliner in Green Eyes: $9.64(Paid $4.64)~ As I stated above, I'm addicted to eyeliners And slowy but surely LOVING cream/gel liners recently and I really wanted to try a green and purple one so obviously I snagged these, Awesome steal for 3 liners.

Trip Three~

Where: CVS
Worth: 23.98
Paid: $1.98

Crazy right? Tomorrow's the last day for the 6 off face items from Physicians Formula, pair that deal off with the 5 off coupon I linked above and your saving 11 Bucks on every item!
~ Although apparently the CVS I bought these from limited everyone to only 2 coupons because there was a problem. :T I would've gotten 6 items there if it wasn't for there specific store's policy.

Powder Palette Multi-Colored Blushes in Blushing Berry: $ 12.99(Paid $0.99 each)~ Believe it or not these two blushes are apparently both marked as "Blushing Berry". O_o Not sure if it's a mistake or not, but I do know that the right one is the true Blushing Berry, if it is a mistake, because it would make more sense and that it's the one that is shown on the website. I think the left(lighter one) is actually Blushing rose, BUT it still doesn't match the online photos.

Trip Four~

Where: CVS (different one from above)
Worth: $34.95
Paid: $6.97

Still during this week so I took advantage of the sale once again and saved 11 on each item, except eye booster since that isn't a face item. AND Unlike the CVS above they allowed me to use as many as I wanted coupons as I wanted.

Eye Booster in Clear Serum: $10.99 (Paid $5.99)~ Wanted to see if these product would actually grow my lashes. So to do a through test I'm going to use this and the eyeliner everyday to make sure I have either one on me 24/7.

Powder Palette Multi-Colored Blush in Blushing Nude: $11.49 (Paid $0.49)~ Why the price is lower then the other CVS? I don't know... O_o But never the less 49 Cents! WOOT!~

 Mineral Wear Foundation in Buff Beige: $11.49 (Paid $0.49) Again WOOT 49 Cents~ Still on the look out for a foundation that covers decently, doesn't break me out and lasts. *Crossing my fingers* BUT I'm going to store this after until after I finish up at least one of my other foundations.


Where: CVS (From the 3rd Trip)
Worth: $10.28
Paid: $2.58

Will explain deal below!

Rimmel - Fix and Perfect Foundation Primer: $7.29(Paid $1.83)~ I've always wanted to try a primer and see if they do make a difference or not, plus this was the perfect time.

New York Color - Tinted lip balm in Sugar Coated: $2.99 (Paid $0.75)~ I already have 2 of these in different colors, there okay but I heard this is a dupe for something and that it shows up the most. Oh and the little dent is because when I got home I immediately tried it out. xD


You've probably noticed the orange stickers above? Well...

...apparently CVS is started another 75%/50% sales, like they did in the beginning of this year. That means MAJOR savings people! Run don't Walk or else someones definitely going to snatch up everything before you.

No clue how long or big it'll be, seriously RUN Forest RUN!!!

Note: Only a few CVS have started the sale(3rd trip CVS did, but not the 4th), but if yours hasn't yet, you could go to the scanner and see if it comes up or not.

May 17, 2011

Haul: E.L.F., Yes to Carrots, Nail Polish, Fake, Freebies

In no way were all of these items purchased in a day or even a span of a week. All products were purchased over a span of weeks.
 ...and with that Enjoy My Collective Haulage~

Eyes Lips Face(e.l.f.):

 Where: Target
 No sales, or anything with these Items, but considering every ELF product is $1 to $3 anyway, it wasn't a biggie. 

ELF Studio Blush in  Pink Passion: $3~ I'm really not a pink person in general much less Hot pink, but it looked like such a unique bright color for so cheap, it basically was screaming for me to get it.

Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips: $1~ To be honest, I just got it to try out the clicky Stilia pen packaging. ^^;

Custom Compact: $1~ Got it to Obviously store some of the Custom eye shadows. So far I'm blown away. This isn't a dinky compact at all. Defintely going back for more to store some depotted powders in the future.

Custom Eyeshadows in  Truly Pink , Moondust, Golden Glow &  Mocha: $1~ Absolutely beautiful, I've worn these a couple times and so far so good.

Yes To Carrots:

Worth: $29.98
Paid: $6.49
Where: Ross
How? I just bought it at Ross. Every time I go and there is something from Yes to Carrots I snag it. Don't underestimate Ross, they have a bunch of expensive  skincare, makeup and hair care there that they sell for half or less then the real price. 

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Mask: $14.99 (Paid $3.49)~ I definitely wanted to try a mask that was natural, in hopes that it will help and not break me out. 

Yes to Tomatoes Facial Hydrating Lotion: $14.99 (Paid $3)~ Your probably thinking Dry skin mask/oily skin lotion, contradicting much? But Nupe, tried the Yes to Cucumbers lotion and Loved it, worried that I'd run out fast, I bought this to see if it would work better for my Combo skin.

Nail polish/Freebies:

Worth: $35.95 w/o Sally's Card
Paid: $11.97
Where: Sally's Beauty Supply
How? I own a Sally's Card. The Finger Paints May Sale; all FP nail polish are on sale for $3.99 plus if you buy 3 FP nail polishes you get a free little purse. I also got a coupon for a free China Glaze nail polish for being a Sally's Member.

Finger Paint's Nail Polish in Tiffany Imposter, Lavender Highlight, & Easel Come, Easel Go: $4.99 w/o card (Paid $3.99 each)~ I don't own a Purple/blue cremes and I also wanted a pure silver color.

Finger Paints Ashley Purse in teal: $14.99 w/o card (Paid Nothing)~ Comes in Purple, Pink and Teal. The web pictures are very color misleading. On the Website they look like elegant Pastel colors, but in reality the Purple is actually a Dark purple and the pink is actually a muted medium pink. The closest to the color on the website was the teal one and the one I chose. I'm loving it a lot so far, very cute. :3 It also comes with a 50 cents off a FP NP attached. 

China Glaze Nail Polish in Tempest: $5.99 w/o Card (Paid Nothing)~ Such a pretty duo chome Blurple color.


Where: Locally owned dollar store

Kand Stamping Nail art set: $1~ Yup, that's right a $1 Konad ripe off.  Works great, but the scraper sucks so I use a razor blade instead. :P

Extra - Freebie:

Where: Victoria Secrets

Dream Angels Heavenly Perfume sample: (Free w/ coupon) I have ladysugarsheen's blog to thank for the coupon.

Upcoming: Physicians Formula Haul
I've been hoarding the things I've bought from PF only because I'm simply NOT Done with the $5 Dollar off Coupon that's good till 6/15/11 and this week's CVS 6 off Deal. So I'll upload it all at once later on. Just wanted to Point out the AWESOME Chance to get Free, or close to free Physicians Formula stuff.


May 15, 2011

Review: E.L.F. Studio Bronzer in "Golden"

Retail Price: $3
Amount: .4 oz / 12.3 g
Available Colors: Golden, Warm, Cool
What is it? Pressed Mosaic Bronzer

Buying this I knew full well that Elf's Golden Bronzer would be WAY to light for my skin tone as a bronzer, but I thought it'd probably work as a highlighter.

Packaging: Lemme get this outta the way... As we all know E.L.F.'s Studio line is totally riped off from Nars. Not that I'm complaining, I love it. The only difference from the Logos is that the these don't have that rubberized feel of Nars packaging, of which I heard was incredibly annoying since powder and other stuff would stick to it. So Thumbs up for E.L.F. Another things I'm loving about the packaging is that its pretty thin for easy storage(although its pretty big width wise) and that it has a huge mirror(as you can see above), despite the fact I don't use it. ^^;

Swatched in Corresponding order as it appears in packaging.

Elf's Golden Bronzer swatched all swirled together.

Texture: It was a bit chalky when swatched, But it blends out nicely.

Pigmentation/Color: This has good pigmentation. Its not Matte so go for the Cool bronzer if your looking for a matte one, but I'm not implying that this willl turn you into a glitter bomb because it won't. It just gives you a nice health glowing sheen. Since its a Mosiac you could also double it up as eye shadow, so yay for the multipurpose-ness.

Purpose: As a bronzer it's definitely a fail, it would probably be too light to server as a bronzer for even the fairest of fair skintones. Although, it does make a great highlighter.

Here is the effect this had on my skin:
Golden Bronzer applied on bridge of nose, cupid's bow and top of cheek bones.
 Up Close and Personal~ ;P

3.5 of 5
Buy again? I think this is a great product, but I personally wouldn't run out to get this again if I ever run out, which I doubt, since its a lot of product anyway.
Would I recommend it? Sure, good for this up coming summer and is only 3 bucks.