November 27, 2011

Update: Back in Action! O~O

So Yeah... I've been away because of my broken camera dilemma for quite awhile. But Don't Despair because *drumroll* I FINALLY got a new camera so I should be updating every so often now again.

This school year's been so crazy so far. Scholarships, volunteering, club activities, job searching, and keeping up my grades, it's all making my head spin. I've really appreciated this much needed break.

My highlight was definitely Thanksgiving/Black Friday. Besides the dinner, waiting outside in the chilly weather for 3 hours till the opening of Target was dreadful. Luckily I was roughly around the 52-ish(beginning) person in the line, of which stretched all the way around the plaza.

It seemed like everyone there was gunning for the 42 or 46 inch. TVs or the Camera I'm about to show you below.  About 15 minutes after opening, Target was a sea of ginormous TVs.

Now onto my Camera~
Nikon Coolpix L105
- On Sale for $99.99, originally $199.99
- 15x Optical Zoom (HUGE differences from my old 3x Kodak)
- 720p HD video 
- Looks Professional for a point and shoot camera, but definitely not very discrete because of it's large size.
- Comes with a Lens cap, Neck Strap, Manual, Software, and four AA batteries.
- The worst part about it is the fact that is does need four AA Batteries, but I've realized that that can be a good thing too, considering it will have a long battery life because from my experience with rechargeable electronics, they die out quite quickly.

On a separate topic, look what I scored at Ross~

 Left to Right: No Shrinking Violet, Iced Spice, Raisin Rage, Black with Envy

Price: $5.99
Seriously that is basically a buy one get 3 free deal right there. They cam packaged in a plastic cylinder, was inconvenient to take a picture of, but if you missed getting the Black with Envy nail Polish Check you local Ross. (Side note: They also had the Color Club collections, Holiday 2011 glitters and the Foiled one. So maybe they will end up in yours too)
And Yes, that's the coveted Chanel Black Pearl dupe called Black with Envy. It was the Reason I bought the set really. Not really excited about Raisin Rage, which is a dark red creme, of which I already have very similar colors off.

P.S. I'm writing this right before my first ever job interview so wish me luck~