September 30, 2012

NP Swatch: Spoiled - Cougar Attack

This is my first Spoiled nail polish and I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed. I honestly just grabbed this to reach the $12 mark for the CVS coupon, but I'm glad I did. I was on the fence choosing between this, Ants In My Pants, or Are Mermaids Real?. I ultimately chose this because for some reason lately I've been loving bronze/brown anything.

Indirect sunlight

Direct sunlight

Cougar Attack-
-It's a dark brown jelly with coppery bronze one-size glitter heavily put in. 
-It's apparently a re-release from Wet n' Wild's On the Prowl collection.
-$1.99 at CVS.
-2-3 coats for full opacity.
-2 coats in the picture above
-Goes on thick, but smoothly. Once it's dried you will feel the glitter grittyness, but it's not overboard.
-Doesn't take long for a coat to dry. Whatever you do, don't attempt to one coat this, it'll take forever to dry. Use thin layers if you can.
- The brush: Some may hate it or like it. I like the cut, it gave me the perfect gap from my cuticle, which I've never achieved before, and what would usually take 3 strokes, took 1. The downside is that mine was a bit splayed out. It could be from the glitter or just another factory defect that I've heard so much about.

September 29, 2012

Lip art: Once Upon a Time Season premiere~

I've been a little too obsessed with Once Upon a Time lately. I watched the entire season in two days. Once I get hooked on a TV show, drama, book, manga, or anime, I will just marathon the entire series. That's just how I roll.

The story-line isn't some cliche teenage girl plot at all. It includes all of my favorite childhood fairy tales, but with nice twists. You even learn to love every character once you know their tragic pasts. Side note: Rumpelstiltskin for the WIN  *gasp* AND Red's a total BAMF. :D

Oh lordy, the season 2 premiere is going to be so amazing. 8/7 central the ABC here I come~ *throws confetti* 
Non-spoiler speculation: What if Henry's father turns out to be Baelfire? I mean come on very plausible, right? I'll be SOOOOO disappointed if it isn't because it would round out the plot so nicely.

Anyways, here is my lip art:

In dedication to the show~

The watermark is under 'Crescentfied' because that is my Deviant art user. I haven't even uploaded it there yet. So that'll be proof that it's indeed mine. Here is a link to my DA(*poke* check out my gallery ;D). [Here] 

This is based off the logo/opening picture. There was no way I was fitting "Upon A Time" on my lips, so the white line will just have to do. I'm so proud of myself; the lip lining wasn't as horrible as I thought it'd turn out.

What I Used:

Not sure if any of these are lip safe(probably not), but it's what I used it anyway. So consider that a warning, I guess?

Nyx - Jumbo Pencil in Milk(depotted): Used for the wording.
Revlon - Illuminance Creme Shadow in Electric Pop:
                             Navy, middle blending lip color.
                             Periwinkle, the inner/center lip color.
L'oreal - Pencil Perfect in Ebony: Used as the Lip liner. <--- Happy to find use out of this really horrible eyeliner. No wonder it was discontinued.
Mehron - Aqua Paradise AQ in black: Used for the trees. <--- I'll never get enough of the smell, coconut-y goodness.
Nyx - Eye shadow single in Pacific: Used to set the inner/center of the lips.

PS. Thank you, Leesha(xsparkage) for doing your Once Upon a Time series. It helped me out of my boredom rut for a couple days.

September 5, 2012

Review: Ulta Single Eyeshadows

I'm still super happy that an Ulta moved in close to me. Definitely planning to head back there sometime to check out the Essence, Ulta, and Nyx displays.  Absolutely digging the plethora of  testers for just about every makeup item in the store. So until then I might as well add some swatches of the Ulta single shadows I hauled HERE. Like I said in that post, these were on an amazing buy two get two, plus I had a 20% off purchase coupon.

Sunburst, Toast, Grace, Honeybee

Retail Price: $7.00
Amount: 0.08 oz./2.4 g
Available Colors: 90 available shades
What is it? Eyeshadow Single
Where to get it? Ulta
Animal- testing? No.

Product Claims:
"A silky, fine-milled eyeshadow that glides on and blends easily to define and brighten your eyes. This formula is enriched with emollients for long-lasting color that will not crease or fade. Dramatic enough for evening wear and versatile enough for daytime wear. With over 90 shades to choose from, there is definitely one in there to suit any mood or event! Brush not included."

Packaging: Sturdy, flat and circular plastic that flips open. Clear top with white font. Dark gray base with a mirrored coat around the edge of the packaging. 

Shimmery peachy gold. The shimmers are pretty fine. The pigmentation is okay, but you may have to build the color twice. Barely powdery.

This shade caught my eye, even if it's a generic color. Although the display one was more creamier and pigmented then the actual single that I have. (=.=;)

Toast -
Shimmery taupey bronze with a tinge of pink. Good pigmentation. Not powdery. 

Couldn't keep my hands off getting another taupey color, but the pink hue does make it differ from the rest of my taupey bronzes.

Grace -
Matte dusty purple. Good Pigmentation. Not powdery. Very silky smooth.

GYAH, I've been trying to find a nice pigmented dusty purple for awhile after drooling over Tease from the Urban Decay Naked 2. I didn't want to fork over 50 bucks on the palette just for a shade, but I was even contemplating dropping $16-$18 bucks to get the single Heist or Cult. Glad that I don't have to do either.

Honeybee -
Matte yellow. I wouldn't say it's the brightest yellow though. It might need to be built up and is best with some sort of sticky base. Not Powdery. Very smooth.

I believe I may still be obsessed with doing a nice rainbow eye. But if not for that, it's actually pretty wearable with my tan skin complexion.

Overall: 4.5/5
Recommend to another? Yes.
Their quite nice and fit the price range quite well. You also get a bit of product that will probably last awhile. Not the hardest to store either. I definitely will purchase other shades in the future.