July 24, 2011

NOTM: All About a Blue Moon

This week, I've been EXTREMELY frustrated with nail polish. I had to have gone through at least 3 manis in the course of 2 days and have discover that I'm definitely not a fan of Sally Hansen polishes. :T *sigh* Then I just finally settled on something I knew would work, even though I haven't tried these particular shades yet.

What I Used:

Essie - Fill the Gap base coat: I've been using this like crazy since I got it. 

Wet n' Wild - Blue Moon: Gorgeous navy blue with very subtle teal shimmer. I used 2 coats on each nail, even though it was pretty much opaque with a single coat.

Sinful Colors - All About You: Gold micro glitter with slightly larger orange glitter throughout, all suspended in a clear polish. I used 2 coat of this on my ring finger.

Seche Vite - Top Coat: Now where would I be without this?

July 19, 2011

NOTM: Medallion of Minty Apples and Mangos.

Don't mind the post name. xD I just thought it'd be an interesting touch. Anyways, here's my latest NOTW.

Does it remind anyone else of those chunky gold turquoise rings? Well that's sort of what I was going for. It looks really "Summery" to me. Although I really don't care if the nail polish I'm wearing fits a season at all.

What I Used:

~Essie - Fill the Gap, base coat: It's my new love~

~Essie - Mango Bango: A little-darker-then-a-traffic-cone orange. I think this is discontinued, got it on clearance for $2 and never saw it in stores.

~Sinful Colors - Mint Apple: Minty green that's more on the blue side with silver shimmers, I got a few compliments wearing this alone once.

~Seche Vite - Top coat: My Favorite Top Coat.

~China Glaze - Cracked Medallion: Golden copper crackle. I bought this over the gold crackle because this looked more like an intenser gold because of the Copper. Upon application I thought I hated it and that it would be a bust like Sally Hansen's Fractured Foil. It looked too sheer, but once I applied a top coat that's when I KNEW I fell in love.

Note: Here are some words of advice. When applying metallic crackles it's better to apply it quickly when your base nail color is still not completely dry or when you can touch it without getting any nail polish on you finger.

July 16, 2011

B&BW Summer Semi Annual Sale Haul

 First, I'd like to say sorry for changing my layout every time I post something, but this time it should stay this way. I was putting off making my personal header for forever until I remembered a quote and realized it'd be perfect.

 But anyways on to my new Bath and Body Works stuff~
 I bought these a couple weeks ago at different times. Though I'm not quite sure if the sale is still going on, but I hope so, so I can snag a couple more lipglosses. ^~^

I tried not to go too crazy over anything. ^^;
I'm terrible at describing scents, so take my descriptions loosely...

~Peach Citrus body lotion teaser: $2~ I've been loving peachy things lately so I decided to just impulse buy this at the counter. Smells lemony with a slight peachyness.

~Liplicious in Peach Tar: $7($2 on sale)~ Holy jfkhfeohf! My favorite Liplicious lip gloss to date. Smells exactly like those "Sour" Peach ring gummies, doesn't taste too sugary sweet, and just gives a nice sheer nudey sheen to my pigmented lips.

~ Signature Vanilla body wash in Berry: $10.50 ($2.63, 75% off)~ Decided to go with the body wash because I finally realized it's stupid to buy another full sized lotion when I honestly rarely put on lotion to begin with. Though I would've bought a body mist too If they had them, but they didn't. *Sigh*

~Mini Candle in Summer Berries: $2, on sale, I think...~ I've always wanted to try burning a candle but my mom isn't too fond of them and my family thinks that I'll burn the house down, but a small one should be okay right?  I already used 75% of it and I'm surprised at how slow it burned.

~Eau de Toilette perfume in Orange Sapphire: $29.50 ($7.38, 75% off)~ I Think I have a problem with buying perfumes on sale... I honestly didn't care for the scent when I got it. ^^; BUT I do love the smell, though I'm not sure about smelling like straight up oranges. The only notes I can detect are blood oranges and a little musk? I also thought the bottle looked gorgeous too.

~Eau de Toilette perfume in Black Raspberry Vanilla: $26.50 ($6.63, 75% off)~ Okay, with this the name really did call to me since I love black raspberries and/or anything berry really. I'm definitely going to get a lot of use out of this.

July 13, 2011

NOTM: ChG Tempest plus Konad Dupe

Eh... I haven't been posting any reviews at all because I've just really chilled at home the entire summer plus my face has been getting randomly inflamed for no apparent reason soooo I'll probably just be uploading hauls and NOTWs(Nails of the Moment) the rest of it till school starts and I start getting into wearing makeup again. ^^;

 Yep, my nails are nubbies at the moment. They were in horrible condition for half the year because of my Ceramics class so I decided that I need to start fresh. Also, please excuse the chipping (this picture was taken a week into doing my nails) and my really dry finger tips.

What I Used:

~Essie - Fill the Gap, base coat: AMAZING... Definitely the best base coat I've ever used so far. It really does give you a nice even surface to paint your nails. It's also my cheapest one, on sale for $2 at a hair salon in my mall.

~China Glaze - Tempest: Blurple color, or more specifically a purple base with a really strong blue shimmer. Took 3 coats to make it opaque though. :T

~Sally Hansen - Xtreme Wear in White On: Absolutely horrible white nail polish if your trying to coat your nails because its extremely goopy and thick, but great for nail stamping because of that reason.

~Seche Vite - Top Coat: Yes the oh so famous topcoat, but I honestly do believe it deserves the praise that it gets, it's fast drying, shiny and protective. Surprisingly it's not getting thick and goopy like everyone says and I'm about half way finished with it...

~Kand Nail Stamping set: Cheapy Konad dupe~ I don't own any Konad so I can't compare, but I think it would work just as good as the Konad one. Its just that the plastic scraper that comes with this cheapy set sucks, so I use a Razor blade to scrape it off.