February 29, 2012

Nail Polish Swatches: China Glaze Colours from the Capitol

*Flails arms* It's FINALLY here, sorta. Let me start off with saying(ranting) about my love for the Hunger Games. I read all 3 books in a week and book one and two within a day each. Loved the 1st book to pieces, 2nd was alright, and the third was good with a in my opinion, a crappy rushed ending. No, it's not because I'm anti-Peeta or something, I'm actually for him. Although I won't spoil anything so just read it yourself. CAN'T wait for the movie though, I'm thinking about taking my boyfriend out on a date to watch it for his birthday. Shh... :X

China Glaze Effie looks Fabulous by the way with her Paperself eyelashes~

I've been waiting so patiently for this collection, but I'm a bit blah with about half of it to be honest. ^^;

 Harvest Moon  *Natural light*

 Harvest Moon  *Flash*

Harvest Moon is a golden bronze foil. Opaque with basically one coat, but I applied two just in case. Goes on nice and smooth.

 Fast Track *Natural Light*

Fast Track *Flash*

Fast Track is a greyish tan/nude type taupe creme with micro golden flakes/shimmer. Opaque in 2-3 coats. I applied three. Goes on pretty sheer but smooth with loads of gold shimmer flakes.

I'm personally a bit on the fence with Fast Track because the color looks a bit odd in person on me, wish it was a bit less grey though.

Giveaway Mention!
Makeup Withdraw is giving away 5 colors from this collection. It ends on March 19th so hurry and Check it out~
The shades are:
Luxe and Lush
Mahogany Magic
Hook and Line
Fast Track

 Link: http://www.makeupwithdrawal.com/2012/02/win-polishes-from-china-glaze-hunger.html

Haul: Sally's Beauty, Target and Ross

Life Update:
Geez, I need to stop getting so busy. School has been pretty brutal this year; managed to get the worst grades I've ever had in my entire life. *Bangs head against table* Good News though, I got into a early admission program. So I'll technically be a college freshmen nest year. Hopefully the college schedule will allow me to get some rest since my sleep schedule has been out of whack since I started high school. I'm talking, sleeping 3-4 hours at night, waking up at 4/5 and then passing out on my bed after I get home. Not good. ^^;

Note: I've decided to list all the sales and clearance prices I got things for at the bottom of posts from now on, so check that out if your interested.

To the Haul~

Sally's Beauty Supply:

Ion Silk Drops - $7.99($6.99 w/card)~ I believe this has the same concept as Biosilk drops or Chi silk infusion. Recently my hair has been acted horrible and frizzy so I've been wanting to get a de-frizz moisture product and apparently you can use this on your skin which is interesting. It's smells amazing too.

China Glaze in Harvest Moon and Fast Track - $5.99($4.99 w/ card)~ Completely pysched about this collection and  movie coming out soon. Harvest Moon in a golden bronze foil.So beautiful. Fast Track is a grey nude taupe color with packed small gold flecks. I'm still a bit on the fence with this color.

Palladio Shadow liner in Eclipse, Raspberry and Icicle - $5.99($5.39 w/ card)~ I've been also on a base colors/Jumbo pencil kick lately too and heard these were quite nice and good on their own.


 Boots Original Beauty Formula Cleansing Milk Geranium- $7.99~ My eyes have been getting so red/puffy/irritated from cleansers/makeup removers lately, and when I found this, the word "milk" had me hoping that is was a very gentle makeup remover for some reason. I used it right when I got home and so far so good, removed and didn't burn. :D

Sonia Kashuk luxury lip color in Truffle - $8.99~ Seems like a nice brown nude, just what I've been needing. Love the white sleek squared tube it's in.


Sorry for the washed out picture.

Roxy Lieutenant purse - Original: $44. Store: $16.99~ I needed a compact less "Loud" purse to carry around casually. It's a over the shoulder satchel-type purse and the sides are about 2 inched wide.

Sale/Clearance Breakdown:
Sally's Beauty Supply
Ion Silk Drops - Free from renewing my card in February
Palladio Shadow Liner - Buy 2 get one free on Palladio products
Boots Cleansing Milk - $3.98 on sale because the box packaging was ripped at the top.
Sonia Kashuk lipstick - $0.69 on sale because of repackaging or discontinuation. Rang up 69 cents even though it said $2.24 on the sticker.