May 27, 2012

NOTM: Abstract shapes and My first concert~

I've seen a couple of these around and decided to give it a whirl. My right hand sadly didn't come out nearly as neat at my left. xD I was also getting a ton of compliments on them. probably because I doubt anyone in my school is as nearly obsessed with nail polish and nail art as me.

What I used:
Fingerpaints - Paper Mache
Sinful Colors - Fig
Orly - Lucky Duck
L.A. Colors - art deco in Hot Orange, Yellow, Red, Sky Blue and Black 

Life Update~


Went to my very first concert yesterday. It was called the 97x BBQ and was free radio concert featuring The Used with a bunch of other bands. I didn't say there too long because my friend had to go to work and we were dieing from dehydration (12 to 4 pm in Florida). I ended up not being about to see The Used, which I didn't mind since I didn't know much about them prior to going.

Another friend was the one who suggested going and I didn't know any of the bands that were performing, but I tagged along anyway. Of course I did search of all the bands prior to going and was super happy we got to at least see Imagine Dragons perform, my favorite band after listening to all the bands that were there.

The picture above is my ticket and an advertisment fan from MetroPCS with all four of the band members of Imagine Dragons.

Now I'm obsessed with their song "It's Time"

Locks of Love:

I finally cut my hair to give to Locks of Love, an organization that gives wigs to kids that are/were suffering from cancer. My hair was down to my lower back so it's big change . It's been about 3 years since I had my hair around this length.

My summer plans:
Loads of volunteering for a scholarship and along with that exercising. I have to get back into riding a bike after 7 years to get to the library. I'm pretty stoked about volunteering there too. It's a pretty fancy library that over looks the water and is next to Winter the Dolphin(anyone seen the movie?). Along with the view, I'm doing a puppet show for kids and a few short summer camps.

May 14, 2012

NP Swatch~ Finger Paints - Lavender Hightlight

Lavender Highlight -
A medium blue-toned purple creme. Personally, think it's too dark to be lavender, despite the name. Took about 2-3 coats to this opacity.