August 31, 2012

NP Swatch: Love & Beauty - Safari Gold

Indirect Sunlight
 Direct Sunlight

Safari Gold -
It's a dark olive/brown with heavy gold shimmer.
$2.80 at Forever 21.
2-3 coats for full opacity.
3 coats of polish in pictures above.
Goes on smoothly and not at all too thick or thin.
Dries in an average amount of time. By the time I painted all my nails the 1st nail was surface dry.
I am about positive that its exact counterpart in the LA girls polishes is Antique Gold.

August 26, 2012

Mini Review: Ulta Brand Mystic Collection

Here are some swatches and a first impressions of the Free Gift with purchase that I hauled last post. I wasn't holding any high hopes for this, but it wasn't all that bad.

 Silk, Gold Dust, Platinum, Granite

Silk - Shimmery champagne with white shimmer.  Good pigmentation.
Gold Dust - Dark brown with gold shimmer. Decent pigmentation.
Platinum - Shimmery grey/silver. Weak pigmentation, I had to build up the swatch.
Granite - Shimmery blue toned charcoal. Decent pigmentation.

 Iceland, Must Have, Eggplant, Eclipse

Iceland - Shimmery off-white. Decent pigmentation.
Must Have - Shimmery taupe. Decent pigmentation.
Eggplant - Satin plum. Decent pigmentation. 
Eclipse - Dark purple with pink shimmers. Reminiscent of Mac's Beauty Marked, I believe. Decent pigmenation.

Overall: Meh. The eyeshadow palettes are workable with a base, but they are powdery and a bit chalking. So fallout may be expected.

  Stellar, Good Year for Wine, Adore, Dark Brown, Black

#218 Good Year for Wine

Super Shiny Lip Gloss in #18 Stellar - Sheer berry mauve. Feels a tad thick and moisturizing , but not stick in the slightest. 
Lipcolor in #218 Good Year For Wine - Burgundy with a Pearl finish. Supper pigmented and glides on.
Cheek Color in Adore - Matte Berry with gold shimmers. Not the most pigmented, but still quite good.
Dual Ended Eye Liner pencil in Dark Brown/Black - Super creamy and pigmented. I haven't tested it out yet, but I have a feeling that it'll smudge.

 Indirect Sunlight

Direct Sunlight

Nail Lacquer in Femme Fatale - Vampy Plum with hidden coppery pink shimmer in the sunlight. The Formula is pretty amazing with this. It goes on so smoothly and takes 2-3 coats for full opacity.

Here is the rest of the Ulta gift with purchase.

Faux snake skin clutch - Pretty roomy.
Legendary Lengths Mascara - I have yet to use it since I want to finish up my other mascaras first.
Applicators - The eyeshadow brush is crap. If i were to use it it'd probably scratch up my eyelid. :/  The sponge tip's a sponge tip. The contour is super bluntly cut and a little scratchy, but I don't think it would be unbearable to use.
Instant Nourish Facial Moisturizer - I haven't tried it yet either.

August 19, 2012

Haul: My first time at Ulta

Recently I've been loving where I live. My mall got a expanded Forever 21, an makeup counter in sears, and a movie theater.
In addition to ALL of that a plaza very close to where I live opened up a Ulta a couple days ago. It replaced the space where Borders was, sad Borders had to go bankrupt, but super stoked that I get an Ulta near me. The closest one before this was probably an hour or more away so needless to say I never went to one until today.

If I were to ever consider doing the $20 Makeup challenge, THIS ulta portion would be the purchase I'd use with a foundation.  Of course it's probably cheating though, but hey, No ELF products at least. ^^;

ULTA - Single eyeshadow in Sunburst, Toast, Grace, and Honey Bee : ($7) I just couldn't pass up these beautiful colors with the deal that was going on.

ULTA - Mystic Collection Gift with Purchase : ($17.50) 13 piece gift with purchase. Not a big fan of shiny fake leather material and/or any animal prints, but the clutch look nice.
- #218 Good Year for Wine Lipstick
- Femme Fatale Nail Laquer
- Instant Nourish Facial Moisturizer sample
- Eyeshadow Quad of Iceland, Must Have, Eggplant, Eclipse
- Eyeshadow Quad of Silk, Gold Dust, Platinum, Granite
- Legendary Lengths Mascara
- Super Shiny Lip Gloss in #18 Stellar
- Sponge tip, Eyeshadow brush, and Contour/Blush brush
- Dual ended Eyeliner. Deep Brown/Black
- Adore Cheek blush

All items above, Total:  $11.20

Ulta brand makeup was on a Buy 2 get 2 Free. Since the store just opened they gave out a 20% off the entire purchase Coupon. Since my purchase was an Ulta brand cosmetic, I got two choose one out of three types of bags. <--- I didn't even know about the gift until the cashier pointed it out to my delight.
Can you see why this would be cheating in for the $20 Makeup challenge? xD Perfect deal.

Duo Lash Adhesive in Dark Tone : ($5.49) I've heard wonderous things about this. I've also had a few unused falsies for a while because of the bad included lash glues. Plus my senior pictures are in the next couple days, so I'm going to need a little boost for my short stubby lashes.

Maybelline 24 hour concealer in Medium Beige : ($1.94 sale) Lucky~ I've wanted to try out this for a while after all the rave reviews about it, but I just never picked it up.

Estee Lauder - Pure Color Crystal lipstick in 44 Berry Truffle : (gifted) Very pretty on the lips and smells like berry fruit punch.

Estee Lauder - Pure Color Long Lasting and Pure Color Crystal lipstick mix Palette : (gifted) It'll be a nice way to see what colors work with my complexion.

My Mom's coworker gave her two sets of the Estee Lauder stuff So my mom decided to give me the doubles. I'm pretty positive that these are gifts with purchase, which makes me wonder if my mom's coworker is a big Estee Lauder junkie. :P