November 22, 2014

Memebox Superbox #66 TonyMoly

I've always wanted to try out Korean skincare/cosmetics. I only really heard of Tony Moly prior, but the products looked adorable. Which begs the question: why isn't America stepping up their cute packaging game?

Here are my first impressions of Memebox's Tony Moly Superbox #66:

Panda's Dream White Magic Creme ($12):
It's a brightening cream that is suppose to moisturize while evening out skin tone.

The packaging is ridiculously cute being a panda. I had hopes that this would be amazing. Unfortunately, not the case.
The product has a whipped texture and super light feeling, but not necessarily moisturizing. It also applies patchy and like a white cast... I'm tan so the cast was very apparent, but didn't show under foundation.

Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap x2 ($9):
Can be used as a cleanser or pack. Made from fertile eggs and is suppose to provide, moisture, nutrition, deep cleansing,sebum control, and pore care.

I have yet to use this. The concept is interesting and even has a egg carton package.

Luminous Goddess Aura Beam ($16):
Its a luminous gel that provides a supple glow to the skin and minimizes skin imperfections.

I was expecting the product to be more pearly than what it is.  It feels very petroleum jelly like in texture, which is where the dewiness originates. The scent is powdery.

Back Gel Eye Liner Long Brush ($10):
Gel liner with a built in brush. Out of the colors that I could have received, I got Choco Brown.

Choco brown is a medium brown with frosty white shimmer. The gel itself is very creamy and the color is long lasting, but the shimmer migrates if you rub it.

Apple Tox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream ($11):
Peeling exfoliate, massaging, and moisturizing cream.

I've never used a peeling exfoliate product before, but was always intrigued by it. It works brilliantly and smells refreshing and fruity. When using it is slightly tingles.

Mini Peach Lip Balm ($7):
Peach and Shea butter formulated lip balm.

This has an intense peach scent, very reminiscent of childhood gum I use to get at an Asian supermarket. The packaging also reflects a peach. The texture is very thin and not the very moisturizing sadly.

Delight Tint Crayon Neon ($8):
UV light reactive Neon lip balms.

Color I received was Neon Orange. I goes on more like a peach, than neon orange, on my lips. I don't have a UV light on hand so I can't test the reactivity, but I'm definitely using this at the next Amine convention rave I go to. The texture feels like a very thick but non-sticky lip balm and smells like gummies.

November 13, 2014

Review: Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette

I was actually not planning to get another vice palette after my dying interest in my Vice 1 palette with the exception of a couple shades. Seriously. But after seeing at the amazing jewel tone colors in the Vice 3 palette, I had to have it.

Product Range NameUrban Decay: The Vice 3 Palette
Retail Price: $60
Amount: 0.8 g/0.03 oz. each
What is it? 20 piece Eyeshadow palette with duo sided eyeshadow brush and makeup bag.
Where to get it? Limited Edition at UD website, Sephora, and Ulta

Packaging: 7/10
The palette itself is thinner than the previous palettes (around 5 mm thinner). They also changed the opening mechanism. The Vice 3 is a magnetic closer, whereas the previous Vice and Vice 2 were latch closers that steadily rose the lid. It also comes with a large mirror the size of the lid.

On one hand, I do actually like the chrome silver/lime color scheme with the funky blur of colors on the front. Very sheek 80's. What I have a beef with is that it feels a ridiculously cheaper than its past version. It's made out of a really light cheap plastic that you would expect out of the drugstore. Also the "Vice" logo looks tacky. Maybe it's the font, but I would have much preferred the "UD" logo from the previous Vices, it just looks nicer font-wise and as a "jewel" like embellishment.

Truth: Pink toned matte creme. 

Undone: Cool toned matte beige.

Downfall: Matte medium brown.

DTF: Matte Taupe.

This column is composed of an array of great basic blending out shades, which are must haves in anyone's eyeshadow collection. All shades are pigmented and smooth. My only gripe with these is that they are super powdering. Very lightly dip your brush in and you almost kick up dust. Thankfully these are pretty light shades for the powderyness to not be a big deal fallout-wise.

Dragon: Metallic spring green.

Freeze: Frosty sky blue with white glitter

Heroine: Matte navy with blue sparkle

Brokendown: Shimmery golden bronze

Vanity: Shimmery dark purple

Lucky: Metallic orange-based gold. This one of the most pigmented in the palette.

Reign: Brown shimmer with a pink iridescence

Bobby Dazzle: Frosty white with gold shimmer

Alien:  Medium pink pearl with a gold sheen

Alchemy: Magenta Pearl with a lavender sheen

Bondage: Blackened purple with red/pink shimmer. Another huge pigment winner.

Sonic: Metallic coppery red

Last Sin: Champagne shimmer with white sparkle

Angel: Taupe shimmer with white sparkle

Defy: Matte dark grey

Revolver: Black with navy shimmer


Brush: Its a double ended brush, much like the last brushes that came in the past Vices. One side is a dense C-shape shadow brush and the other is a sparsely packed bending brush. Its just inconvenient to store.

Bag: It's a well made bag and could probably fit the smaller tablets, but its not padded at all so maybe just makeup is the way to go for the bag. Wish they traded the bags for better palette material.


Definitely better quality eyeshadow wise than the first Vice palette.  Bondage and Lucky are the most pigmented. Angel is pretty sheer in pigment and Defy is a bit uneven too. Packaging quality is a thumbs down. Shadow-wise this is a pretty good well rounded palette.Great for beginners because it has matte blend/highlight shades, shimmery neutrals, and jewel tone shadows to shake things up. Would make a great holiday gift.

November 10, 2014

Target $7 Sample Box

Ahhhhh. Remember those good old times when these sample boxes/bags from target were free. *Cough*  Plus a couple other times that I never actually posted. I'm assuming due to the craziness that those bags created and the money lost from making so many, Target finally decided to start charging for them. Welcome to the $7 Beauty Sample Box. Still is a good deal though. 

What's inside?

L'orealColour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color in 103 Blushing Harmony
Full-size. To be honest, I didn't even realize L'oreal came out with a new line of liquid lipsticks. It looks like a nice rosey color, but its actually a very My-Lips-But-Better color, for me. It's thicker, but not sticky. Has a sight fruity smell and taste, but thankfully, it's not sweet. I hate that in lip products. This seems to also be quite moisturizing. 

Laneige BB Cushion Samples: 
I actually received this in an Ipsy a while ago too. The concept is interesting. It's essentially a makeup soaked sponge. I'm not entirely sold on the antibacterial sponge aspect they are talking about. This comes with 3 sample shades of BB cushion and a SPF 50 sunscreen.

Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Full-size. Seriously still a staple for me. Great white sticky base for brighter colors, though its downside is that you can't wear it on it's own like many other jumbo eyeshadow pencils on the market or it will be a creasy mess.

L'oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray:
This is the 2.2 oz travel version. This products has a huge cult following. I've always wanted to try it out, but I could never justify the price with how often I hardly style my hair. I have heard this isn't "crunchy" or have a powder white residue and is flexible with styling.

Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo: 
This is the 1.7 oz travel verson. I'm always into finding a good dry shampoo. Every time I use dry shampoo, it end up being a powdery white and undesirable mess and end up washing my hair to get it out anyways. Hopefully this is alright. *crosses fingers*  

*Also comes with a $3 off a $15 beauty purchase from Target and the coupon code LOVEBEAUTY to for 20% off and Free Shipping with a complementary gift. *

Great value. The liquid lipstick alone would've went over the box price. I didn't expect to actually look into this, but it was lovely. Also, very happy they don't hide which products you receive in the box. It's nice to gear the value and decide if it's worth it on the spot nowadays with all these mystery boxes on the market.

November 1, 2014

Ipsy: 2014 August Bag

Here's the August 2014 Ipsy Bag:

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara:
As excited as I always am for trying Urban Decay products, I never use mascara. My lashes just seem too short for any mascaras making a notable difference.

Coastal Scents Forever Blush:
A matte peachy brown and rose with shimmer. They're nice and velvety. The sizes of these are so tiny, but you can definitely get a bunch of uses out of it.

Lord and Berry Mini Kajal Kohl-liner in Black Silk:
It's a matte soft black, so not intense black by any means. Goes on smoothly, but the formula seems to be like a typical basic kohl liner from the drugstore that lives short n the eyes and smudges.

Dr. Brant Pores No More:
It's a pore refining primer that is tinted. This primer feels so buttery and velvety smooth. The sample size is great too at 0.25 fl oz.

Absolute You're The Balm in Green Apple:
The product is actually a light red color and gives a extremely sheer tint, which is nice. I was expecting this to feel thick and like Vaseline, but I'm pleasantly surprised the texture is silky smooth and light. The scent is lovely too.

Ipsy Bag:
It's a typical pencil case made of plastic. Definitely a back to school themed bag. Not a fan. really cheap.

3 out of 5
Not a fan of the liner and the bag. The blush's sizes seem too inconvenient to properly test out. The lip balm was a nice surprise. Urban decay is always welcome and the Dr. Brant Primer seems lovely.

October 30, 2014

Review: Kao Liese Prettia Hair Dye in Sweet Apricot

Back in December when my roots were growing in after using Cassis Berry, I thought I was ready to go a step lighter and try Liese Prettia Sweet Apricot. 

Comes with:
Hair Dye
Developer in bottle
Foaming pump

Add the little black bottle(hair dye) to the Transparent bottle of Developer.
Cap it.
Do NOT shake. Gently flip upside down 5-6 times.
Replace white lid with pink pump.
Spread through hair.
Wait 30-40 minutes.
Wash and add Conditioner.

(Fluorescent lighting)

A orangey light brown or very auburn. I'd say it turned out very close to the color result on the box.

Not damaging. Seriously, None.
Did lighten my hair and matched closely with box results.
Even color.
The Foam was easy to use and no crazy drippy mess.

Had more than enough to spread in my hair.


Smell. Has a chemical scent, but so does every hair dye. 
Some areas of my roots became a bright orange. Assuming it is due to the heat from the scalp lifting the hair color faster. It's nothing too ridiculous though.

(Top right: Direct Sunlight, Middle right: Natural indoor)

5 out of 5
The packaging is way too good. The formula is not damaging, easy to use, mess free, and even. The color didn't seem to fade much. I'm telling you, Kao and/or Japan's hair dye game is on point. Definitely a future repurchase.

October 19, 2014

Ipsy: 2014 July Bag

Here is the 2014 July Ipsy Bag:

Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer in "Mango Rita":
Initially, I was excited to get a nail polish, but disappointed with the color choice. That was until I saw the color in person, besides the orangey creme color it has holographic shimmer spread in it. Beautiful and unique. Although the holographic shimmers seems to be just gold when on the nail. The formulas good too, A 2 coater, dries faster, and last awhile without chipping.

Clear Clinic Laboratories Vanished Clear Spot Treatment:
This was what I need skincare wise. I've been battling acne for years, but I haven't tested this properly yet. So I'm not sure what to say.

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass:
Current status: Madly in love! I was jumping for joy to receive this. I always wanted to try this sheer liquid tint type of product be it from, Benefit or Lioele, but I could never muster up the courage to purchase it for such a natural tint. The formula of this is very nice and the scent is amazing. Gives a cherry popsickle tint and smells like it too.

Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil SPF 08:
Not sure what to say about this. I'm sure it's nice, but I don't need it. I'm naturally tan already and one of those people who can tan after just 10 minutes in the sun. I'm probably just going to give this to one of my paler friends.

bareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15:
Not entirely sure which shade I received, but it's a dark taupe. The formula is nice and dries quick. It's not a base/primer type of product due to it setting and drying fast. It's a nice stand alone shade.

Ipsy Bag:
I get the theme of summer and the beach. I feels like a swim toy type of material with scallopped edges.  Cheap, but handy still.

4 out of 5
Big fan of the nail polish, cream eyeshadow, and lip tint. Happy with the spot treatment. Not in need of the Tanning oil. Out of the bags I had received up to this point this was by far my favorite.

October 17, 2014

Ipsy: 2014 June Bag

Here is the June 2014 Ipsy Bag:

Laneige BB Cushion: 
It comes with a sample of the BB Cushion SPF50+ Broad Specrum Sunscreen and 3 shades of the BB Cushion in Light, Medium, and Dark. The concept of this is interesting, it is more of less a product-soaked sponge. The sponge is a "Patented Antimicrobial Puff" that dispenses the perfect amount of product. Not sure if this type of product is my thing, but I'll use it on my lazy day less coverage days.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray: 
Possibly the most use product in this for me personally. I have stick straight hair and this doesn't work for those who don't have some type of natural wave to there hair. So I suppose I can use this as a back up hair spray, but it does make your hair a bit crunchy

NYX Butter Gloss in "BLG08 Apple Strudel":
I was really excited to get to receive this. I've seen rave reviews on it all over the internet when it came out. Apple Strudel wouldn't have been my first choice in color, but it's a pretty shade in the tube. The problem it is that is too sheer for my liking and it's a thicker gloss with a sight stickiness. It is good at lasting for a bit, but that slight stickiness would bother me to no end.

Nicka K New York  Shimmer Eyeliner in "Green":
I looked forward to try this, it reminds me of my days of crazy colored liners. Nicka K isn't really that nice of a brand though. It's the type of brand that I only see a cheap local dollar accessory stores. To my surprise, I like it. It's a bright teal green and the applicator brush is thin. It is a very runny inner so it takes a second to dry. Stays put nicely, but it does STAIN. Be warned.

MDSolarSciences Mineral Tinted Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 30 UVA-UVB Sunscreen:
This was a great little sample for the summer. I loved it. Unlike any other facial sunscreen I tried, it went on smoothly like a primer and because of the tinted quality, no weird white cast. It does separate a little in the tube so remember to shake it up. 

Ipsy Bag:
For June, we received a cute tropical print bag by Rebecca Minkoff. It seems pretty well made and the print is nice and vibrant.

3 out of 5
I didn't need the Marc Anthony Dream Waves Spray and not a fan of the Nyx Butter Gloss. The samples of the Laniege BB cushions and the Nicka K liner were alright. My favorite was the MDSoarSciences sunscreen, surprisingly. I'm actually considering to purchase the full size. 

September 25, 2014

Ipsy: 2014 May Bag

Look forward to a load of ipsy subscription bags coming up till the current bag. I subscribed in May, but I didn't have time to post them til now. So without further ado, here is May's Ipsy bag of 2014:

LA Fresh Travel-lite Facial Cleansing Wipes
These are actually quite nice. Good amount of wetness, without soaking your face. It's also soft and not a bit scratchy. Some cleansing wipes dry out my eyes drastically, but these were perfectly fine.

Jersey Shore Tan Pure White Mineral Sunscreen
Upside it has 35 spf. Down side, it feels like every other sunscreen out there. From the scent, texture, and white cast. Not very impressed, but good travel body sunscreen if you don't already have one.

Boo-Boo Cover-Up Concealer
This was probably the highlight of the bag for me. Thankfully I got the Medium shade, which is only a tad lighter than my skin tone. It is a very heavy coverage concealer that spreads very well. So a little goes a long way. I could see this being a little cake on the under eyes if you have any fine lines, but I would just make sure your skin is nicely moisturized before applying.

Pacifica eyeshadow in Duo1
These shadows are very typical colors: a creme and warm tan. They aren't the most pigmented, but they will definitely work. A bit powdery, but due to the colors, it isn't too much of a concern.

Eva-Nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask: 
I'm always looking forward to trying new hair masks to help out my bleached blond ends, so I was excited to try. Appreciate the squeeze tube rather than a packet. It's just much more fuss free for me. As for the formula, Eh. Not the best. You basically use this like a conditioner, but you eave it in for a longer period of time. I waited over 6 minutes, but my hair didn't seem anymore intensely moisturized than my normal conditioner. 

Not a bad Bag. Thought this was a good bag for my first month on Ipsy.

August 19, 2014

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Holy Moly. Patience really is a virtue, which is apparently something I apparently don't have.

I started off the year with getting my ears pierced. First attempt after 2 infected failures 8 and 5 years ago. NEVER get piercings done with a gun. Third time's the charm (with a needle at a tattoo shop). Healed perfectly well in 3-4 months. Success. ^~^;

Then I got my second hole ear piercings after I decided that I want to start stretching my first lobe piercings. Personally the reason is to make up for the 18 years of thinking that I couldn't because I was "metal sensitive," which is a bunch of bologna.  Decided 6g was my goal size. Why? Because you still can wear loads of dangling spirals, just hit the size to get pretty plugs, it's not too big, and will be easily hidden to not endanger my nursing career goal.

I bought a titanum taper/tunnel kit to start stretching. It was easy breezy from 16g - 12g, every 2 weeks or so. Then it started getting sightly more painful using a 10g taper. So I started waiting a month later to put the 10g taper in. Waited a month and a half to get to an 8g.

Waited 2 months, super excited to get to my goal size, but the taper wouldn't not go in. Visually, from a 8g to a 6g is ridiculously big. So I decided to use bondage tape to start the taping method.  Two wraps around and waited a week. Decided to wrap 2 more layers, but it wouldn't go through. So I decided to maybe use the taper to stretch it enough to put the taped plugs back in.

Stupidly, I decided to just push the taper in (Very slowly and gently). The pain was terrible though, worst stretch yet, so I didn't stretch the other ear. I decided to leave the taper in for a day or two then put the 6g tunnels in.

One day later, the pain didn't go down and it was slightly more swollen so I took the taper out. *Warning: Gross*

On the tapers was thick yellow pus. Then I took a paper towel to wipe my lobes. The hole was then oozing a lot of bloody opaque yellow pus.  Ick and ouch! Definitely infected, not a blowout though in the sense of that weird bump.

I end up saline soaking it for a good half hour then applying emu oil then downsizing back down to a 8g. If I were to look at the positives... At least I only F-ed up one ear.

The swelling is started to go down in the bad ear, but the good ear is taking the taping method smoothly.

To sum up this story: I STRONGLY suggest to start the taping method anything after a 8g (3.2 mm). I've read many forums on other's experiences and 8g (3.2 mm) to 6g (4 mm) is TOO large of a jump unless you plan to wait a 6 months to a year heal enough or have naturally fast healing ears. 

July 7, 2014

Review: Kao Liese Prettia Hair Dye in Cassis Berry

Back in July 2013, I decided to take a big step for myself and dye my hair. My hair has been black for my entire life. I've always wanted to have crazy colored hair though, but my parents weren't the most accepting. There were many changes going on at the time (new job, relationship, school), I thought "why not get a new hair color while I'm at it?" I wanted to start small, I knew it wasn't easy to lighten black hair.

Enter the 
Kao Liese Prettia Hair Dye in Cassis Berry:

First off, I'm Asian and our hair is a bit thicker and different from Caucasian hair so I decided to go for an Japanese Box dye as opposed to one from the US.

One thing that I was always worried about was the damage on my hair. I love my hair texture. Shiny, healthy, and stick straight, I'd get compliments on it often. A couple years back, when I decided to cut my hair the hair dresser was shocked and tried to convince me not to because it was so nice. But enough of the rambling.

 I heard Prettia wasn't as damaging so that weighted in my decision. Also... Who can't resist the packaging? Too Cute.

Comes with:
Hair Dye
Developer in bottle
Foaming pump

Add the little black bottle(hair dye) to the Transparent bottle of Developer.
Cap it.
Do NOT shake. Gently flip upside down 5-6 times.
Replace white lid with pink pump.
Spread through hair.
Wait 30-40 minutes.
Wash and add Conditioner.

Liese Prettia in Cassis Berry: After

Excuse my picture in bottom right, I didn't like it, but it was a good hair color picture.

Kao Liese Prettia in Cassis Berry: Before and After

It turned into a dark somewhat neutral brown with slight pink tones. The change was barely noticeable in indoor lighting, no one actually even knew until I mentioned it. ^^; It is noticeable outdoors or in sunlight. Though considering I knew how I looked prior, it was generally noticeable to me. 

Not damaging
Did lighten my hair.
Even color
The Foam was easy to use.

Smell. Has a chemical scent, but so does every hair dye.
Didn't turn out like the before/after picture on the box.

4.5 out of 5
Did the job and didn't damaged my hair. Wasn't the color on the box, but was in the realm of it. I'd recommend it.

After wear:
I think it retained the color pretty well. The berry tint wore away a bit, but nothing bad.

July 3, 2014

Nature Box May 2014: First Box~

So I finally buckled down and subscribed to a couple Subscription Boxes. Reason I started with Nature box  was because I found a 50% off coupon for the first box and I realized I've been eating TERRIBLY for the last couple months. Due to not being able to stop snacking, the least I could do is go for healthier alternatives when I am snacking. This box is the Happy Snacker Package.

Sweet Blueberry Almonds: 
I absolutely ADORED these. The Almonds themselves weren't rock hard, like some almond snacks are. They are just the perfect texture. The blueberry powder coating was very nice and sweet. I went through the two bags really fast. 

Fuji Apples:
Ehh. They were very skinny, which makes sense considering they were dehydrated, but the mantle part is the best part. Not a fan of the peel, felt like chewing on tough razor blades. I'd say these were doable though. My favorite out of the dried fruit, but would not try again.

Cherry Ganache Granola:
They were exactly what you'd expect, Cocoa- favored granola with dried cherries. The cocoa granola didn't seem to be sugary at all, which is nice. It was a good snack overall.

Dried California Peaches:
Ew. These were entirely way too tough and the pit was still there so you'd have to eat around it. They weren't that great tasting either, pretty bland. Stick to the fresh thing.

Dried Pears:
Same as the Dried California Peaches.
Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas:
These were a nice extra surprise gesture. I'm usually into more fruity or sweet snacks, so it was nice getting a salty one. These were really good. Kinda reminds me of wasabi beans. Nice, lightly salted, and crunchy. Gave these to my dad because he adores these type of snacks.

2 out of 5
Why? Out of the 5 snacks, I only really liked 2 of them: the Sweet Blueberry Almonds (I would 100% get again) and the Cherry Ganache Ganola. The dried fruit was Terrible, I'm sticking to the fresh stuff.