August 21, 2011


Soooo typically, when you think of a Floridian, you'd think all they do is go to Disney World or beaches all the time. I've lived here all my life and I honestly never go or have time to go, despite living a mere 10 minutes away from a somewhat well know popular beach. I took the picture above during the only time I was even able to go this summer, sad huh?

I'm somewhat disappointed with myself for not doing anything worth while over the summer and now I'm panicked that I'm heading back to school tomorrow. Happily I'll get to see my friends again, but absolutely terrified of the stress that will come with my most important year of high school, my junior year.  Because if I'm not mistaken this is the year I'll have to start thinking about scholarships and since I'll have to apply to colleges in the beginning of my senior year, the year they get grades off of is junior year, or so I've heard...

BUT Anyways, this is my Farewell to summer vacation and Hello to 180 days in a stress inducing prison... Well, so says my inner angsty teenager. xD

August 18, 2011

NOTM: Turquatic

Yup, completely inspired by MAC's Turquatic perfume in the newer bottle. Even though I have yet to own anything from MAC.... ^^; but enjoy anyway~

 I took this with my cellphone since my camera died so excuse me for the bad quality (even though it turned out better then I thought).

What I used:

Used left to right in order.

Finger Paints in Paper Mache: (2 coats) Not to shabby of a white nail polish, streaky but manageable.

LA Colors - Art Deco in Yellow: Used this as the first gradient color because I don't own any yellow nail polish. It worked out nicely. :)

Nina Pro in Leaf Me Alone: Gotta love the name of this, so corny. Anyways it's a Leaf Green jelly. 2nd color in gradient and lightly applied it over entire nail to further blend colors.

Sinful Colors in Rise and Shine: Green Turquoise color with small teal shimmers. The 3rd color. To be quite honest, I personally think this color looks absolutely hideous with my skin tone, sadly even though it is a lovely color.

Rimmel - Lasting Finish Pro in Marine Blue: Sky Blue with teal shimmers. The 4th color. I absolutely adore this color. <3 Sadly discontinued I think because it was in CVS's semi annual clearance sale for 75% off.

Wet n' Wild - Wild Shine in Blue Moon: Navy Blue jelly with teal and green shimmers. Totally recommend this if your looking for a navy blue.

China Glaze in Jolly Holly: Dark Green with lime green shimmers. This came out in last years limited edition holiday collection. Was the base for the kelp/seaweed

LA Colors - Art Deco in Green Glitter: Used over Jolly Holly just to add some pazazz to the kelp/seaweed.

August 17, 2011

RIP: Kodak MX1063.

Well I pronounce my camera officially Dead.
So I can't take any pictures for this blog until I get a new one. Of which.... Believe me, will be forever... *cries* Unless roughly $150 magically appears in my wallet, I get a job or beg for one on Christmas.
I would get a job, but I need to start volunteering to fill out a scholarship qualification. :T I could Always attempt to use my cellphone camera, but as everybody knows phones have horrible quality pictures...*sigh*
Although I will be able to do a few reviews that I was planning to do with pictures that were prepared ahead of time. :D

August 12, 2011

NOTM: Teal Glitter Gradient

 And here are my latest Nails of the Week.

What I used:

Finger Paints in Easel Come Easel Go: The perfect metallic silver color. So shiny it was hard to get it to look silver in the picture and not white. Which I probably failed at doing... (2 coats)

Finger Paints in Art you Wondering?: Gorgeous teal one sized glitter. Sort of hard to do a gradient with because it's one sized. Keep in mind you definitely need a base coat with this or you'll pay later trying to take it off. I learned the hard way. (2 coats for my ring finger)

August 9, 2011

My Wet N' Wild Honorable Mention Prize

The post explaining the WnW giveaway and my entry are located Here.

YAY, my mystery Wet n' Wild package came earlier then expected. In their email back to me they wrote that it'd come in within 4 weeks,  probably quicker, but I definitely wasn't expecting it to get here within a week. I'm surprised they sent me so much.

What I got:
I resisted the urge to tear all the seals open and swatch away until this afternoon when I could get good lighting, even though it's been raining all day. :T

Silk Finish Lipstick in 502A Dark Pink Frost - Not a big fan of frosts since I have big lips and it  could make them stand out more, but I can't judge a book by its cover. So we'll see...

Ultimate Brow Kit in 963 Ash Brown - Eh, I don't really fill in my brows ever since in real life they look pretty full already, but I'll save it if I ever do or feel the urge to do my brows.

Kohl Eyeliner in 653E Cool Green - I already own a few of these Kohls, not this particular shade though. Oh this takes me back. Back when I was first starting out with makeup with no eyeshadow and was extremely obsessed with colorful eyeliners of which I still am. xD

Coloricon Eyeliner in 663C Olive - Love to see how these Coloricon liners differ from their kohl eyeliners.

Finally the last and best part of my prize is the....*drumroll*

Coloricon 8-pan palette in 737 Blue Had Me At Hello - SOOOOOOO happy they sent me this one instead of Petal Pusher or another Comfort Zone. I've been eyeing this for quite awhile, but never got the chance to get myself one. I've also been dieing to get more blues in my collection and a matte black. *drools*.

Now if you'd excuse me... *rips seals* >D

August 4, 2011

MUL: Wet n' Wild Wildflowers

About a month ago I entered Wet n Wild's Summer Twitter/Email giveaway (Here), of which I found out from Nouveau Cheap's blog post (Here).  Since I'm a huge fan of Wet n Wild, I decided to enter that very day; using only Wet n' Wild Products on my eyes.

AND this is what I came up with:

 Inspired by wildflowers that I saw as a little kid in my old neighborhood. 

And here was my contest Entry:

These are the Products I used:

"Pixie" Idol Eyes - (depotted) as a base
"Comfort Zone" ColorIcon 8-pan Palette - Left Eyelid shade in the inner lid
"Night Elf" ColorIcon 6-pan Palette - Red in the middle of the lid
"Lust" ColorIcon 6-pan Palette - Middle Plum shade in outer corner of the lid
"Envy" ColorIcon Single Eyeshadow - Outer lower Lashline
"Brulee" ColorIcon Single Eyeshadow - Brow bone highlight
"868 Black" Mega Eyes creme Liner - Upper lash line
"651 Black Black" Kohl Brow/Eyeliner - Waterline and the Swirl
"545A Blushing Bali" Lipstick - On my lips obviously. xD

On August 2nd they announced the Winner of the giveaway's Grand prize, of who I think deserved it even though I liked the 2nd place winners look more.
Although I didn't win, I was in the Honorable Mentions, of which I was super Excited about. I would have linked it, but it seems that they deleted it off their Twitter. I can't wait for my Mystery Package to arrive, despite the fact that they said we'd get to chose. ^^; I'll definitely post what I got when it arrives. :)