June 12, 2015

Haul + First Impression: ColorPop

Everyone across the internet in the beauty community are raving about Colorpop all of a sudden. I had heard that they easily rival the high end brands, but with a $5 price tag. With the $5 dollars off first purchase and free shadow for Colorpop's first birthday, I couldn't resist the chance at getting 2 free products.

First off, how cute is it that they include  hand written letter. That's a sign of a good company, trying to make themselves more personal.

The packaging from Colorpop is great. Very high quality for items that are so inexpensive. The packaging of these products look clean and the holographic labeling is gorgeous. The sleek lippie stix packaging reminds me of Copic markers, which are artist grade markers. The packaging on these products don't seem the least bit flimsy either. 

Super Shock Shadows
Game Face: Metallic copper
So Quiche: Metallic taupe with pink and silver shimmer
Birthday Girl: Metallic pale pink with loads of glitter
Cricket: Metallic cool toned purple with silver and pink shimmer
Bae: Metallic plum with teal blue shimmer

(With Camera flash; L-R: Game Face, So Quiche, Birthday Girl, Cricket, Bae)

Seriously these Super shock shadows are so intriguing. The texture of them are pillowy soft, and silky, feel like a creme almost, but look and behave more like a powder. The texture is comparable to L'Oreal Infalliable shadows, but the Super Shock do seem to be a bit more creamier. I find the best application with these is with fingers. 

I definitely recommend getting Bae. I've never come across a shadow quite like this. Not to mention it combines teal and plum, two of my favorite colors. 

(L-R: Lumiere, Leather, Creature)

Lippie Stix
Lumiere: Matte warm mid-tone pink. 
Leather: Matte deep orchid
Creature: Matte oxblood

(Colorpop Lippie Stix in Lumiere)

I was never into MLBB lip colors. These shades always make my lips look puffy in my opinion. Some people seem to like it, but I think my lips are big enough as it is. I decided to give this shade a go, still gives me a puffy lip look, but the formula is nice.

(Colorpop Lippie Stix in Leather)

Leather didn't turn out how I expected it to be. I was hoping for a color closer to the tube shade, a deep purple, but this is definitely more of a dark purple orchid color. I'd say this is actually a great shade for those who want to dabble in purple lip colors because this seems quite wearable. I guess next time I'll try out Feminist to get that deep purple I wanted.

(Colorpop Lippie Stix in Creature)

Creature is oxblood heaven in all of its deep brown and red gory. Definitely a must have out of the 3 shades in my opinion. 

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